Freedom in Your Business

Have you ever felt like everyone has it together but you’re all over the place.

Did you start your business with the idea of freedom and now you don’t think you should be doing what you’re doing?

Maybe you’ve even taken a huge step back but things haven’t gotten better.

Were you aware that alignment is something that folks in ‘business’ never talk about. They allude to the formula but never tell you that they’d spent many years figuring it out. It seems that if you just put more strategy in place or maybe even better systems or just hire the right person and all will be well.

You know what I mean?

Well, let me tell you I know all about this syndrome. I’m calling it syndrome because it’s rampant in the small to medium-sized businesses. It’s rampant in side hustles too.

So here are a few truths:

  • No one is coming to save you
  • Energy alignment is actually what no one ever talks about but a lot of successful people do.

Working from a 6 pillar approach like I do means that you don’t just work on your relationship(s). You don’t just work on your health or fitness. You don’t simply get more strategy.

What James did when he needed to really get things on track is take the alignment activities that I recommended over a few months, which resulted in his business turning around not by a small amount but the best two quarters they’d had in the company since it began.

You see, when I met James, he was doing great on a lot of cylinders, but he overheard me talking about how health and money and success are intrinsically intertwined. His eyes popped, and he said so you can help with this little weird health thing AND my business stuff. I smiled and said I’ve done hundreds of times.

So we began realigning his energetics, then we spent time working on all the inner mind traps, then we dealt with the conflicts that were always making him and his adrenals overact. After we got those pieces sorted we worked on how he interacted with his team from only an energy perspective. That’s when things really really took off. Sales are soaring and his health is better than it had been in years.

The other day a client was mentioning that my process of energetics first is the thing she relies to grow her business and the reason for her saying this was that everyone around her was talking about strategy and learning more ‘stuff’. She’s another shining example of someone else focusing on the energy first and achieving greater successes month in and month out.

Ready for your alignment?

Unleash Your Stuck Prosperity

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