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How to Get Rid of Brain Fog

beach yoga
Exercise is one of the best ways to improve cognitive function.

Do you have days where things feel a little fuzzy? You place your keys in the freezer, you forget to pick up the kids from school, or you leave dinner burning on the stove. In fact, throughout the whole day, things seem a little unfocused. This is called brain fog, and it affects even the best of us. Here are some tips for combating and preventing brain fog:

Avoid Alcohol, Drugs, and Caffeine 

Alcohol, drugs and caffeine all have a direct and immediate affect on your brain. While caffeine may seem like the thing that you need to boost brain function, caffeine is addictive and only has a temporary effect, which is followed by a crash. Alcohol is a depressant and frequent and long-term consumption can affect brain function.

Get Enough Sleep

Not getting enough sleep is the number one cause of brain fog, and if you don’t get enough sleep over time, you could do long-term damage to your brain and your health. Commit to a sleep schedule and stick to it. If you have tried to sleep more but are suffering from insomnia, talk to your doctor.

Exercise and Eat Well

The food that you eat and how you care for your body has a direct impact on your brain. Your brain needs energy, which it only get when you eat the right things. Exercise has been associated with increased cognitive function. So get outside and take a brisk walk around the block if you’re feeling a bit hazy.

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