Happy Halloween! What’s Haunting You?

What's haunting you this year?
What’s haunting you this year?

Happy Halloween! During this holiday of monsters and madness, take the time to reflect for a moment about your own skeletons in the closet or other haunting hold-backs. What is preventing you from reaching your true potential?


Self-doubt is a devastating emotion or mental perspective to hold, and can be one of the most limiting when it comes to future potential and success. When you are haunted by self-doubt, you will question the decisions that you make, and may even be unsure of your values.

Fear of the Unknown

Self-doubt and fear of the unknown often go hand-in-hand. While the future may be uncertain, you should embrace this uncertainty – and the excitement that comes with it – rather than hide from it. Not knowing what is next creates a sense of adventure, and challenges you to dream big and adapt quickly when necessary.

Negative Conceptions About Oneself

Finally, many of us are haunted by negative misconceptions about ourselves, often times which developed years ago and where never eradicated. What myths about your limitations were you led to believe? Have you been called stupid? Have you been told you’re not a great public speaker? Have you heard that your opportunities are limited, that you’re not caring or that you’re unlovable? Negative things that we hear about ourselves can stay with us for years, limiting our ability to move forward. Now is the time to shun these ideas once and for all.

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