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How Do You Invest Your Time?

How you spend your time says a lot about what you value.

You know that when you make money, the best thing to do with your money is to save it or invest it, rather than spending it on something useless. In fact, how you spend your money is so important that you have probably fret about it, regretted actions or made a plan for your future regarding your money.

But what about your time? Do you think about how you invest your time nearly as much as you think about how you invest your money?

What How You Spend Your Time Says About You

Think about how you spend your time: Do you invest it or squander it? Sadly, most people would have to admit that a huge portion of their time is wasted on things like TV, social media, junk reading (i.e. celebrity magazines), being angry, upset or just “killing time” doing nothing. But time isn’t infinite and wasting it isn’t advised.

Are You Investing Your Time in Things that Matter? 

If you’re not investing your time in things that matter to you, then what are you doing? You should invest time in things that:

-Improve your energy;

-Have a return on investment (i.e. learn to cook so that you can eat better, be healthier, lose weight, etc.);

Give you joy; or

-Put you on a clearer and more direct path to success.

Take some time this week to think about how you choose to spend your time. Where are you lacking? Where could you improve? What will you choose to invest in moving forward?

Get access to more clarity and success.

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