How Overstimulation Can Impair Your Success  

Are you making time for quiet and peace?
Are you making time for quiet and peace?

We live in a world where stimulation is a daily part of life. From the moment you wake up in the morning, you are likely staring at a screen, listening to an alarm buzz, or facing a sink full of dishes. While you may not realize it, these things – from noise to clutter and more – can lead to overstimulation that causes stress and impairs your success.

Overstimulation for highly sensitive people just gives them the desire to hide, stand back, not go out much or even share what’s happening in their life.

Noise Stimulation

Too much noise is not only annoying and stressful, but it has also been linked to a number of health concerns. This includes:

Too much noise can impair your concentration and memory, which can have a huge effect on your work performance.

Too much noise affects the energetic system and helps create frustration, which can lead to outbursts small or large.

Mess & Clutter

Mess and clutter can also be detrimental to your life. In fact, clutter can negatively affect your brain’s ability to process information. Further, clutter can cause stress hormones to spike. These hormones accelerate fear and worry and weight challenges.

What to Do About It

Obviously, you can’t be a recluse and live in nature without noise and clutter. But you can make an effort to reduce clutter and noise in your own life by maintain an organized space, shutting off noise producing devices (aka, you don’t need the TV on while you’re eating dinner) and reserving room for quiet time.

You can learn to meditate or just breathe more fully because breath reduces stress and creates resilience.

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