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Have you ever felt like the purpose that you’re here to demonstrate or that your current circumstance is not as full as you know is possible for you, otherwise somewhat empty? This can happen periodically when there’s a massive change in economy or direction of your hearts desire and essentially as some point to everyone. Maybe you have given all of yourself completely, and let your energy to drain or you’ve burned your candle at both ends are completely fried. Maybe it’s just that what was working no longer works and you now you need to fuel your soul with something more meaningful. 

The real question is, how? Fueling your soul looks different for everyone, but don’t give up. Finding the right fuel boils down to getting to know a new and different aspect of yourself and what brings you calm and feeling fulfilled. We all know when the mind is in chaos and the soul is empty, finding success proves difficult. But most people don’t know that your energy is the thing that is dried up, I wrote a book about this very thing, and that your energy is filled with chaotic grey energies. Those types of energies are fuel sucking and let you feel more emotional and much less fulfilled. Let’s take a look at some practices you can try to increase your fuel and create success. 

Shift Your Thought Energy

While shifting your mindset seems like the catch phrase of the day, it’s truly not the mindset that you need to shift. You actually must look at all the words you currently use when you speak out loud and what word and phrases you use internally to your ‘secret, silent self’.  And remember it’s not just about being more positive. It IS about looking at the effects your words have on your results. For example, when you use the word h-a-t-e you are actually bringing negative energy and more negativity into your verbal environment (See this little video that helps make this point.). We are all programmed to be more critical and that’s what’s going to help us find solutions but it more often than not turns into negativity. By using the power of our own words, thoughts, choices about whether you use lazy speaking and using a more effective upward results oriented mindset… we can shift our perspective to one of gratitude. Allow yourself to feel those negative thoughts but then redirect them into positive actions as quickly as you can. I can seem like a lot to ask in the moment but a dedication to changing your negative self-talk into a positive action item will effect a greater result in mindset shifts. Instead of “I can’t do it.” be kind to yourself and speak words like, “I think I can and just might.” or “This might take more time, but I am blessed to be capable to achieve this goal.”

Shift Your Energetics® Do What You’re Inspired By

Take time for self-care. Refuel your soul with something that you absolutely love doing. Whether it be painting, bike riding, singing, or even calling someone you love, don’t limit yourself on what makes you feel alive. Reach for the things you love each day and you’ll be surprised how you benefit.

Commit and Re-Connect to Nature

Nature is the most amazing restorative practice you can do for your energy and it helps give you mind much more ease. Spend time with mother nature, at least 10 hours a week and maybe even walk without shoes more. Step outside for a leisurely walk and reconnect to the earth for a spell. Fuel your energy (the body is inside the soul) soul with a sense of wonder and curiosity at the smallest of things, bees, ants moving, birds flying or chirping or just the leaves moving with the gentle wind. Committing to spending time outdoors to clear your mind can remind us that we are all connected and beautiful in our own way.

Write Out Your Thoughts and Feelings

There’s a grace that we receive when we write. It’s a body, mind, brain and external process that is elegant and can be cathartic in so many wonderful ways. When you use your dominant hand on a piece of paper there’s a new way of taking what’s in our mind and getting them out into the open light of day that allows the mind and feelings to show us new ideas or opportunities. I have a client that I help with her weekly communiques that she does for a CEO and in the beginning I had her write pages and pages and pages to get to the essence of what the overall essence needed to be. It’s taken months of doing this weekly and her writings are getting more concise and clear, and even more wonderfully her emotions are more even keeled and the successes that she and that company are having has increased threefold.

When you are carrying emotional weight, writing can be an effective tool for letting some of the weight go. Write in a journal or on a secure computer document and get as much as you can out at once. If you’re feeling too much at once, there are excellent templates online if you need some assistance on how to begin. 

Listening to Uplifting Podcasts, Phrases or Music

I started a few podcasts that are aimed at up-lifting. One is specifically only five minutes long and the other is about how energy and business works together and the soul fuel is part of that process. Spend some time listening to a motivational podcast or youtube video to refuel your soul. There are TedTalks and motivation for every type of recharge. Invest this time into yourself and you will be on the road to a full soul and a successful life.

Use This Advanced Breathing Technique to Reset Results 

Connect to your breath and meditate for inner clarity. Quiet all the noise around you and practice your breath each time you begin to feel overwhelmed. There are many meditation apps and videos to aid you on your journey that are completely free. Here’s a video on how to use a breathing technique that empowers your energetics® and helps to give fuel to your soul. (NOTE: I even had one client use this to build her non-existent business into a $400k business.)

Fueling your soul takes commitment, dedication to the end result and most importantly daily practice, but trying different refueling techniques will put you on a path to find the best one for you. Once you find the best practice for your soul, success will follow. 

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