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Are you smart enough to take advantage????

Ok so here are some deep thoughts…

You know I’m so very matter of fact that it scares folks sometimes. But the thing is life is short and I’ve had way too many close calls and losses in my own life to be anything other than just the me that I am…loving, caring, direct and so insistent on folks in my tribe being successful. 

This virus thing is pure panic, yes. 

The stock market is having a meltdown and oil and toilet paper and all this is like the world is freaking out. 

Pay Attention to the Opportunities Ahead
Clarity Ahead

They even closed Amazon HQ.

Weird but true and there’s something that I hope you pay attention to here.  

You can be one of “them” and play out all the fear stuff or you can pay attention to your own health and life and a unique time that you’ll likely not see again (or at least for a long while). 

Now, more than ever the adage of “your health is your wealth” applies to every single being. 

Social media has given us the opportunity to tune in and be more in the know. We can get ahead of the things that are life-threatening better than at any time in history. The resources we have available to us today allow us to commune more easily, collaborate from afar and to find better solutions faster. 

Businesses and folks who are making sure they had some savings and are staying the course with marketing are in the prime position to be a leader and to make a difference. I know that times of difficulty are the times when the true entrepreneur rises and creates and is a breath of innovation and service more than ever. 

Are we in for a recession…I am not a financial analyst so you’re on your own there BUT I am very expert at helping people find their niche and prospering with ease in that niche and now is our time. 

If you remain true to YOU and take advantage of these times to:

  • create a new routine for health and wellbeing
  • connect with people that you’ve been meaning to touch and talk with…no matter the reason
  • forgive what you don’t have and didn’t do and write a list of 100 things, ideas, concepts that you have to be a part of a solution to a problem you see
  • read and get more in touch with your spiritual practices
  • give your mind a rest and go outside and look a the sky, like you did as a child
  • if you find yourself frustrated at something stamp your feet, do some jumping jacks, clap your hands or dance to get out that kinetic energy that has gotten stuck in your body and brain
  • dress better than you need to
  • clean your laptop from all the junky files that are just sitting there for no reason
  • sell something you no longer need on one of the easy selling sites (Mercari is one)
  • write a list of all the good and positive words you can think of
  • prepare for some good things, because one you prepare for good things to occur you will being looking for good things to happen. Looking for the worry and bad and things out of your control only brings more of that into your mind and eventually your life)
  • and HAVE A PLAN you will achieve some magic because you’re prepared. 

Wealth is created faster during panic. 

Panic is a low on the totem pole of vibes and you are here because you’re what I call a “Woolah” and woolah’s are working on their energy, mind, body, success principles, prosperity, leadership and spirituality. 

My dad was really into stocks and markets and I have always watched what they are doing and although not an expert, I do know energy and I do know frequency and I do know how to ensure you remain above those energies of fear, worry, anxiety and tension and stay true to the course of your own life and success and prosperity with ease. 

With me?

I’ve put together an emergency pack for you. Here’s are two awesome books I’ve written about how to overcome the negative neds/nellies and one that is for getting ahead with your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, relational, financial success.

These two resources are:

  1. the stuff that will help keep your body healthy and your mind out of fear
  2. the stuff where you gain the edge over your prosperity so that you build your plan and take action NOW

Your emergency pack includes both of these!

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