How to Give Constructive Feedback & Promote Office Success

What is keeping you from getting things done?
What is keeping you from getting things done?

Knowing how to give constructive and productive feedback is an essential part of being a manager. Providing your employees with constructive feedback can help in earning their respect and is also an important part of improving productivity and implementing solutions. Ultimately, the skill can help your business to grow and succeed. Here are some tips for giving constructive feedback:

State the Purpose of Feedback

The first step is to state the purpose of the feedback. For example, “I have a concern about how xyz was handled, and I would like to discuss that concern.”

Stick to the Facts and to the Single Situation

When giving feedback, never speak in absolutes. For example, do not say, “I notice that you always raise your voice when…” Instead, focus on specifics and facts, such as, “This morning, when you were talking to Jim, I noticed that you raised your voice when….”

Talk About How You Feel

The next step is to comment on how the other person’s action made you feel, or how you reacted to it. For example, “When you raised your voice at Jim, Jim seemed uncomfortable. This made me worry about the social health of the office and….”

Allow for Response

This is one of the most critical parts of constructive feedback – allowing for response. Ask, “How do you feel about that?” Or, “What are your feelings on this?”

Make a Specific Suggestion

Finally, make a specific suggestion about the action and how to resolve the problem. For example, “I think that Jim would appreciate an apology – what do you think?” And, “In the future, how do you think this could be avoided?”

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