How to Keep Your Composure When Things Are Chaotic

Every single day in today’s world has the chance to become chaotic, especially for business owners and executives. While we’re all dealing with our own internal stress, it’s important to remember that chaos in business can take the work environment through a very deep nosedive if not handled properly by a good leader – you must teach yourself how to keep your composure. 

Having composure is one’s ability to remain in control of themselves, their emotions, and their reactions so that anger, disappointment, or fear doesn’t get in the way of decision-making. In order to keep your composure, you need to be good with managing any adversity without verbal or physical outbursts. 

No rule fits everyone, but an exceptional leader will remember the following, during any time of duress:

  • Keep your emotions to yourself. If you need to handle them before moving on with your team, excuse yourself and practice some deep breathing and relaxation techniques that will help you compartmentalize.
  • Remember, chaos in business is not a personal attack on you or your character, and your employees will take their cues from you. Taking things personal will make them do the same, and then you’ve created an entirely new problem.
  • Be decisive by not responding to a situation with doubt – even if you hold some. Make the tough decisions with confidence, as you’re in the position you are in for a reason!
  • Stick to your regular routines. While high-pressure scenarios and heavy workloads may be hard to handle at times, it’s imperative that you do what you can to maintain a sense of normalcy. Important business functions don’t stop being important because there’s a temporary crisis.
  • Take responsibility for more than what you think. Believe it or not, owning the damage gives you full perspective on how to resolve and repair it. Once you’ve relegated yourself to taking responsibility for everything from the bottom up, it helps you sort through the big picture and gives you the ability to see the whole roadmap back to success. 

You must keep your composure. Take charge of the huddle. Be a leader. And silence, the crowd.

~ Eric Thomas

Remember to keep perspective, and remain positive with your staff – Use constructive language with your employees. Don’t make examples of any one individual or team – because finger-pointing and blame will hurt far more people than the one you’re pointing at. Just deal with the problem at hand, and make sure you address anyone specific privately. 

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That means you need to listen and not lash out, and check your body language. You cannot keep your composure without being able to listen without reacting from your emotions. Even if the person is essentially telling you that the whole thing is their fault – know and trust that the guilt they feel is far worse than the additional damage of any harsh words that could come out of your mouth.

The bottom line is to keep your composure, relax, focus, and go forward with confidence. There are brighter days ahead, no matter what happens!  

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