How to Show Up, Set the Tone, & Do it Well: Six Ways to BE HERE NOW

Before we shut down I was in a lot of rooms (and airports). With a lot of humans.

All types of industries and levels of leadership. All types of opinions, values, and positions on life, success, business, etc. Fortunately, they are in alignment with my values but that’s for another day….

Right now I’m at home reminiscing about my last airport experience and even in another country the latest headline had a group of people gathered around the TV agreeing and disagreeing. The tension was …well you might imagine that it was truly palpable.

I was heading back home and now I really want to address how we handle life and business and best of all our future and well-being.

How do we navigate through all this with ease…gracefully, effectively, and powerfully…?

In all these places, with all these humans, and in my own life, I find we’re all considering questions in the form of one (or all of these):

  • How do we create a healthier, more collaborative, more accountable culture?
  • How do we optimize our own leadership?
  • Create better results and impact?
  • Address – or even better – eliminate burnout?
  • How do we navigate through all that is happening in today’s political and people environment?
  • Reinvigorate purpose? Show up better together (and, btw, what does “Showing Up” actually mean?)
  • How do we not get sucked into the negativity, the chaos, the heartbreak – but instead be in service to the transformation of it, and to each other, in whatever way we best can?
  • How do we be IN the conversation with those we may not agree with?
  • Oh… and how do we do all of this while still having enough left for ourselves and our families at the end of the day?

Here are a few I find that, in the busy-ness of life, get asked less frequently. But they are powerful. Even more powerful when asked with intention and breath:

  • How am I? Really.
  • And how do I feel about ____ (x, y, z)?
  • And what’s the biggest or littlest thing I can do (and BE) about it to help things go better?

Awesome questions.

Big ones. Important ones.

There’s a lot to address. A lot to do and be.

I should add here that age, industry, gender, race, position, profession, preference, geography don’t matter – what matters most is… human.

You’re Not Alone…

These questions are human questions.

Culture, leadership, burnout, purpose, impact, showing up, navigation, service and contribution, impact, survival, and a desire for some kind of “balance” are human things.

Culture is the energy of the container we create individually and together.

Culture is an experience. We create our own experience. From the inside out and here.

We can’t control other humans or anything outside ourselves.
But… We can control ourselves.

We can control our thinking, how we show up, how we regard others, how we take care of ourselves, and if we choose “high vibe” and “staying in the light and helping things go better” (even if it’s the littlest thing), or “low vibe” and “going to the dark and contributing to things going worse” (even if it’s the littlest thing).

And we can control how we act and what we do.

So since we can control NOTHING outside of ourselves…

“The little I” is a powerful place to start. And humility is contagious.

As much as I’m contagious for good, I’m also contagious for direct and solution-oriented. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but when we choose high-vibe, we tend to create and attract more high-vibe. And open up access to more wisdom. When we choose low-vibe we tend to attract and create more low-vibe. And narrow, or completely shutdown, wisdom.

Here’s a little exercise:

Try this on, go for one day (or a week! Do it! Do it!) without complaining (replace complaints with requests, suggestions, or even appreciations), and see how much happier and more spacious you feel. Notice how much easier it becomes to not complain as you go on. And also, how much easier it becomes to access productive and even more pleasurable solutions.

Choosing the higher vibration thought and self-care is a form of what I call “energetic hygiene.”

Energetic hygiene is key to a healthy life, leadership, learning, listening, and leverage. The deep dive of the “how” is shared here.

It starts with us.

I know some of you will still say – “Okay, Sheevaun, that’s all good, got it. I’ll ‘show up,’ but what about ‘them’ and how do we actually create culture?”
I get it. After all, we can’t do it alone, right?

So… I’m giving you, YOU here. Because really, truly, after working with thousands of humans and organizations, I find addressing you – contagious you – first, is your best bet at creating the change you want to see in the world. In fact, I don’t know how you create a better culture and do more good in the world and help things go right – and sustain yourself at the same time – without tending to these things before, during, and after… everything.

So start here, and I promise, the little “I” first will set you up more powerfully for anything you DO over there or anywhere when it comes to the “them.”)


6 Ways to Start Showing Up Today

Here are six things. Six! Choose one or choose all. Bonus, within this list is something that is coming soon to support you more in these five and showing up at even a higher level of leadership (as and if you so choose):

  1. Prioritize self-care without further delay. Take exquisite care of yourself. You can’t lead best from busy, burnout, and exhaustion. What’s the LITTLEST thing you can do to up-level your self-care today?
  2. Keep your thinking high-vibrational. Choose, really choose, each thought that serves you. At each and every moment, with every thought, you have “choice points” – choose a thought that serves, or one that doesn’t and get a result you don’t want.
  3. Stand tall and confident, your presence commanding. Really. Posture, breath, being in your body can help open up more information, more courage, more strength and more credibility.
  4. Don’t be afraid to make the call. Ask for help. You are not in this alone. You are not. Ask for help from your colleagues and friends and family. Choose your help intentionally. Energetics work, therapy, coaching, mindset work, you name it, whatever you need, get it. Get it now!
  5. Don’t go it alone as that time has come and gone and the time now is to go it with some right folks.
  6. For your energy, intentionally distribute it. Pay close attention and intention to how you spend your time and energy. Anything that is in alignment with your core energetic integrity, needs your love and care and not your logic. Which means, when you’re a bit nervous it’s different than when you’re scared and contracted energetically. Go toward the miracle and don’t look back as that’s where your energy expands.


Find the “thank you.” If you can find gratitude – you win. Finding the “thank you” opens up more space, gives us more access to information, and puts us in a more resourceful state to figure out the next step. What is the “thank you?” I overheard a conversation yesterday and he said he felt like “punching his colleague in the face” because he was “so annoying and disrespectful” to his team. The “thank you” in this situation? I can see five right off the bat.

  1. He had the courage to speak it out loud and get a conversation going rather than hold it inside
  2. This guy sees his own personal emotional upheaval and knows he needs to address it. (He also has an opportunity to explore why this conversation was so triggering for him. Awareness is power.)
  3. This guy is opening himself to a new way of thinking. Ahhh… the release. Does he need more, yes, but this is a beginning.

Yes. Like that.

Here’s another way to show up for yourself and really get things moving.

Here’s to showing up. We must show up first. Because yes – we are contagious.

Hugs and let sort through and get ‘em.

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