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How to Stop Feeling Paralyzed

Here is a quick behind-the-scenes question asked at our 2022 Epic Life Success Summit on how to stop feeling paralyzed.

How do I stop feeling Paralyzed?

A lot’s happened in the last week, and I can see how much more life is asking of me. And I know we’re all talking about the fear and everyone’s coming up here, but like, my fear feels like paralyzing at times. Mm-Hmm. , like, like even just like, I just have to breathe. Like, like I know we talked about the Sean and stuff about feeling frozen. It, it, it is just like par it’s just paralyzing sometimes. And I, I know we’re all, we’re talking about all this and I’m like, okay, well, you know, tomorrow we’re gonna leave the room and I’m gonna go back to my life. And I know I have all these tools, but it’s like,

What if you don’t go back to your life? What if you create your life from today forward? Because if life is asking more of you, don’t you need to recreate life? What do you think it’s asking of you that it has you paralyzed because you got up to the mics, you’re not that paralyzed. You’re actually breathing and living and standing there. So you’re not that paralyzed. Well, it’s asking me to make some really big changes to put myself out there in a bigger way to let go of some stories that I’ve had. And are those bad asks? No.

And so what makes them so paralyzing then? Just so, just like thinking of the past and all the times that I didn’t break through all the times that I was presented with to do something and that I didn’t, I didn’t do it. Are you that same person? No. So every time you decide to be in, reflect on that person of the past, you bring that person into you and you make your container smaller.

You’re not in the present and you’re not moving into the future. If you’re having those of, I didn’t this, didn’t I, blah, blah blahs. So if you’re paralyzed, then you need to get grounded. Get grounded, get grounded. Everyone ground with me. So left thumb, left two fingers under your nostrils. Left two fingers. Right. Palm under the base of the nap of your neck. Take a breath so you feel yourself sway or clunk in.



Left thumb to right ear lobe, thumb on top. Pinch the ear lobe. Right thumb to left ear lobe. Thumb on top. Pinch the ear lobe. Take a breath in. Feel yourself clunk in or sway.

Right wrist over, left wrist, left ankle over, right ankle. Take a breath in. Bear yourself clunk in or you’re swaying. Open your eyes. Tell me how you, how you feel. Tell me what’s happening. Are you as paralyzed as you were before? So what happens is this poopy old container, since you like color, we’ll use this new container. Not so poopy, but you shrunk yourself based upon you in your poopy past container. The container’s cleaner, but you needed to be this. And so every time you go and think about this, you lose this. That means you’re ungrounded. And what you’re doing is you’re hanging out outside of your body. Notice how these are lapping over. You’re hanging out outside of your body and you’re keeping this old view attached to this new you, and you’re hanging out and it’s totally ungrounding you and it’s taking you all the way out here, out of your body. Again, do more grounding to get outta the paralyzing. Does that make sense?

Any thoughts for me? Yeah.

Just making grounding more of a regular practice. I mean, I feel like I’ve, I’ve heard it so many times, but just really doing that a lot more.


Okay. But you’ve heard it. Does this give you new awareness about it? And does this give you the necessity and the importance of it? How? Because you hear something that is a price that’s higher, that is a decision point that’s higher than you thought, that it is an obstacle. You hear those things and you’re gonna hop back to that to go get that little, little, little energy, that little poopy energy and then you bring it forth.

So is life asking this of you or are you just really ready for your next step? And it seems a little bigger than you actually wanted it to be.

Is that okay? And are you calmer now that you’ve been grounded? A bit calmer? Yes. A bit on scale of zero to 10, 10 being calmest. Still four, zero to four. So then sit and do it many more times. Because it’s not asking it of you. You just get to decide to do it or not do it. It’s really your decision point. Do it or not do it. Your soul’s gonna make you try to do it again. Your soul’s gonna keep nudging you. Hello? Hello? Hello? Hello? Hello? Hello? Hello? Hello? Hello? Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Your soul’s gonna try to get you to do it more and more and more.

So now we do it. Will you? Yes. Okay, good. Thank you.


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