Learn How to Thrive in a World of Extremes

Being at the top is both rewarding and stressful. People not only look up to you but they expect positive outcomes from every move that you make. In the business world, this means operating on the extremes of your capabilities. Something that can drain your energy quickly and bereave you of your desire to continue being at the top. This shouldn’t be the case though. Knowing how to thrive in such situations will help you harness your true potential while preserving your mental well-being and general happiness. Read on for some ideas on how to achieve this.

How to Thrive in a World of Extremes

People usually follow conventional routes in their journey to success. This includes overworking yourself, sacrificing sleep and family time, and so on. These strategies work sometimes, but they leave you feeling guilty about the little, important things that you miss. These routes of convention always follow one when going out on your own and I would suggest the following tips to navigate the situations and thrive.

  1. Redefine Winning

Good leaders (business owners and executives) understand that a company’s success is dependent on their decision-making prowess. They, therefore, base their decisions on the expectations that the board and the shareholders place on them. The expectation in most cases is to be the top firm in the industry of your specialization. Redefine this objective to become the top quartile among all industry players. Broadening the definition of winning helps you recognize that companies compete for resources on a bigger stage than in their industries. It will help you eliminate biases that lead to disruption.

2. Invest in Next Level Capacity Building

Business executives spend considerable resources in developing the skills, competence, and knowledge of their employees. Few take into account the importance of capacity building when it comes to how to thrive in the business world. Investing in greater capacity is crucial because it will help you to get more work done in just a fraction of the time. You increase the level of engagement among the employees when you invest in the employee’s capacity.

3. Focus on Improving Your Energy and Understanding of How Energy Plays a Role in all Success and Leadership

Being a leader is demanding. There are lots of roles to play in a limited period. Most businesses and executives, therefore, pay little consideration to their bodies. And this is detrimental to their performance. Inadequate sleep and unhealthy nutrition affect your body’s basic energy level. You’ll start to have problems managing your emotions and focusing when your energy level drops. I bet we all know that staying sharp and level-headed are crucial factors in thriving in any environment. Improve this aspect of your life by paying keen attention to what you eat and the amount of rest you get. Don’t forget to spare some minutes for exercising as well. I’d recommend that you manage your body as skillfully as you manage your executive role.

4. Be a Champion for Collaboration and Connectivity

No man is an island and even if you are at the top, you’ll still need people to implement the decisions that you make. Release the need to be right and release the need to fix things “yourself”. Let others learn so you can have the freedom and the success of your strategies has a direct relation to the implementation. Encourage growth, learning and the spirit of teamwork among the people that work for you. I’d propose that you organize regular team building and increase the frequency of communicating with the employees directly. When people feel like they are one with the company they will give their best. 

Thriving in a World of Extremes

Business owners and executives must know how to thrive in extreme environments. That’s the only way that they’ll ensure survival while cementing their position in an increasingly competitive environment. Executives need to be careful about the strategies they select to help them perform at their best. Some strategies work but they’ll drain you mentally and physically. The tips that I have shared will help you be successful while preserving your comfort in extreme scenarios.  

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