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How to Improve Your Learning Skills

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What is your key to learning new information?

Learning new information is critical for success in today’s world. As such, knowing how to learn new information can be as important tool. As explained by an article in the Harvard Business Reviewlearning agility is both a mindset and a collection of practices. Here are some tips for improving your learning skills–

Challenge the Status Quo

In order to learn more, you need to start asking more questions. This means challenging the status quo, and looking at a problem (or a fact) from all different angles. As you generate new ideas about what is, you’ll be learning!


It’s not enough just to learn a new skill or new piece of information, you actually have to use it. For example, if you’re studying Spanish, just reading Spanish in a book won’t help – you have to go out and use your Spanish.

Be Insightful

Finally, pay attention to the information you’re learning and how that information affects you. It may sound unrelated, by the HVB piece reported that in one study, a strong sense of self-awareness was one of the highest predictors of success.

How do you learn new information?

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