Inject the Right Prosperity Code for Money Miracles

If you’ve been here a while then you’ll know that I am all about the energy and so you might be wondering about this injecting prosperity into your DNA. Ok well, maybe not but I think what I’m about to embark on here is important to your future. 

Your DNA🧬 actually a significant part of your energy. 

Let’s say for example that you are surrounded by sad, worried, and angry folks…well your DNA then starts to reformulate to that reality. That reality then translates to your surroundings and family unit. 

Then imagine that this family unit continues on in this same trend and generation after generation this occurs until you are the one here and feeling and reeling from the effects.  Well, there’s something you can do about it that the others could also but the past is just that, the past. 

You are here and done, literally done with all the drama and anxiety. 

You’ve tried to break out and away but that old “energy” sucks you back. Maybe you keep trying but likely you don’t (statistics show that 90% don’t)…but you’re here. 

Life has just got to get cleaned up somehow and you’re here. You’re now hearing about this DNA thing at a deeper level and you DEMAND a new you, a new way, and a new result. 

How do I know this is possible…

Well, let me tell you about a story of a previous client of mine. We’ll call her Genevieve (not her real name). She was an executive coach to the start-ups in Silicone Valley. She’d helped many of the folks whose products we all use every day and when she got to me she was burned out. 

Her income was a fraction of what it should be given the impact and influence her work had on the CEO’s and leaders of those organizations. Nope, she didn’t leverage or get any reward other than about six figures a year. 

What we did was shore up her income and help her increase that AND clean up the energetics around her money DNA. Yep, it was her stuff that we worked with and you know what… her income tripled. 

The other cool stuff that began occurring was that the interactions with family, which were, tense, drama-oriented, and life-sucking, all turned around. 

Those relationships healed and those issues in the family turned into treasures and many moments of joy. 
But there was one thing that was still at issue. That was the issue with her mom. Genevieve’s mom had bipolar and psychogenic tendencies. 

There are certain factors that determine YOUR money DNA.

  • Where you were raised
  • How much money your family had/has
  • What your parents said about money
  • What your parents modeled for you about money
  • What your teachers said about money
  • What society has told you about money
  • Whether or not you got paid to do chores
  • And other different factors…

Those factors create your “money code.”
And just like any code…it has glitches in it. These glitches show up as money blocks.

There are 5 primary blocks that we’ve identified…although there are more as well.

Depending on your Money DNA you may suffer from just one of these blocks…or all 5.

Either way, your Money DNA is affecting you every single day…just like your physical DNA and too often it’s been infused with lack, worry, and limitation. I want you to have something different that truly reflects the prosperous you.

It’s blocking you in some way…whether you make $1,000 a month or $100,000 a month. Whether you’re in debt…or have millions in the bank. Whether you had good parents or bad parents…rich parents or poor parents.

Maybe you’ve never made much money in your life. Maybe you keep making more and more money but you never seem to have any more in the bank.

No matter what, these money blocks are affecting you right now…keeping you from bringing (and keeping) more money in your life.

So if you’re interested in getting rid of these money blocks I think you’ll like what I have put together.

Pristine Prosperity focuses specifically on eliminating these blocks from mind, energy, environment and helps you infuse your life with massive prosperity codes.

If you want access to the Pristine Prosperity formula where you’ll achieve a revision to achieve your prosperity with more ease and grace than ever before. 

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