How to Know Your Life is a Good One

Your life is probably much better than you really think.
Your life is probably much better than you really think.

It’s easy to get caught up in the negative aspects of our lives. Too often, we pity ourselves and think, “Poor me!” when something fails to go our way. The truth is, though, that your life is probably a pretty good one. By giving more gratitude, you can improve your energy levels and streamline your path to success. Rather than focusing on what you don’t have, start focusing on gaining perspective. Here are some signs that life is great:

You Have People Whom You Love and Who Love You Back

If you have love in your life, you’re already ahead of thousands of people who are very much alone. Whether you have a spouse, partner, children, friends, or family whom you love and who love you back, take comfort and pleasure in these relationships.

You Have a Roof Over Your Head

If you have a roof over your head, there are two things you should know: First, you’re one of the lucky ones, and second, you’re doing something right. Even if money is tight, be grateful that you have a warm, dry and safe place to call home.

You Are Able to Think & Move

It is easy to forget about two of the greatest gifts we are given: our brains and our bodies. If you can think critically and are mobile, be grateful! Not everyone can say the same.

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