Light a Fire on Success that Turns into a Blaze

motivation for success
What do you need to be motivated for success?

The term to “light a fire under” typically refers to a method of motivating those who need a push in the right direction, especially when that push is a long time coming. Here are some tips for lighting a fire under success, and then stoking that fire until it becomes a burning blaze –

Lighting the Fire

The first step is lighting the fire. Whether you are doing this for yourself or someone else, be sure to:

  • Stress the importance of the end goal – what are you trying to achieve?
  • Define what “success” is.
  • Determine how you (or the person to whom you are speaking) can improve their productivity – put a plan in place.

Keeping Success – How to Keep the Fire from Burning Out

It is not just enough to light the fire; you need to constantly stroke and feed it if you want it to keep burning. Here are some tips for staying motivated –

  • Remind yourself of your goal frequently.
  • Set smaller targets (breakdown your goal), and make sure you reward yourself for meeting those targets along the way.
  • Turn to internal motivations – why do you want to accomplish the goal? What’s in it for you?
  • Get help – success is never about going at it alone; turn to the resources you have.

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