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Longevity is when…

What type of impression do you make on others?
There should be longevity in your life and business.

Hi! I was reminded about my mom the past few days. I came across some photos and she was a skinny woman and that is certainly not how I felt.

When I came into the world the doctor’s all decided that my mom needed to put me on a diet. I wasn’t even a week old. That’s how I started my journey of body image. Not pretty and in those photos I found it was true I was a seriously fat baby. No idea how this human could have come out of a woman who only gained 9 pounds during her pregnancy with me.

Anyway …

the topic is about how to make a shift in life or even business…

Without longevity in your mission or the ability to shift enough so that you do have longevity you’ll go away sooner than you’re meant to.

Health is the same thing. If you’re not doing something to take care of your health, daily, then your longevity is not that long. Here’s a resource for getting back into your body and one that will help you start paying attention in many beneficial ways. Maybe not all of them are pretty but given how I started in this world I think it’s a good chance you can do this.

My mom was one of those women who loved Jack Lalane, the orginal workout on television guy. She used to talk about him and how she did this and that and all the routines that she did with him in her life. Watching him on YouTube is fun to reminisce about how she must have been part of his tribe. Here’s an article from his wife, who is in her late 90’s, about longevity.

She was very into good self care and never had a health issue until she broke her arm. Mind you she broke it while doing high kicks at 74 years old. That one break sent her spiraling, as many health things do. After that she stopped stretching and played it safe and you could see it and hear it in her voice and movements.

Longevity is…

But fact is that our longevity depends on a few key things. Energy, mind, consistency and breaking the mundane and stretching (physically, mentally, emotionally etc) everything on a regular basis else the cells die and that leads to the human have less of the longevity they desire.

Same thing applies to business. What are your stretchy things that you need to do for yourself…email me back on this one as I truly want to know.

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