The Lost Significance of Going to Events

Let’s choose a new version of events.
Let’s choose a new version of events.

I was sitting in the speaker VIP room and listening to a conversation with a friend and one of her long ago friends. He was quizzing her deeply on what next steps to take. What I discovered is that he just stopped. He stopped growing, upleveling and moving ahead just because he’d gotten to the income he wanted and now…he was in a steep decline. He was hoping to get some power juice in just the one conversation.

You see…he’d waited for about 9 months before taking action and now it was crunch time.


Once you get things rolling in your business what seems to occur is that you don’t feel the need to attend an event or participate in events.

It becomes so much about “running” the business and doing the “stuff” that makes your business grow that you often retreat internally. Only when you have something coming up is when you get outside of yourself.

I’ve found that consistently staying in an upward trend it’s easier to connect, collaborate and allows people to really get to know what you’re about.

What I’ve seen many of my clients do is do some networking, attend an event here and there every time they need business. This is definitely the most difficult way to get your business to the level of sustainability.

I get it…events require time and energy and expense but you’re forgetting one key factor. There IS a glue that weaves itself through your business when you’re in motion and an event can bring one connection that will accelerate your entire business.

Let’s choose a new version of events. Ones that feed your mind, body and business and your health isn’t tasked. These places exist but maybe you’ve gotten burned out, bummed out or just disappointed that “it” isn’t happening the way of the promise.

Showing up is your treasure.

That’s my sage advice for the day. Show up. Share. Shine. Show up again. Take another step and you’ll find that life is easier and easier than the high highs and low lows.

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