Manifest Your Dreams: 5 Tips for Success


It may seem like a lofty endeavor to manifest your dreams, especially for business owners and executives. Now add the idea of “being lucky” to that dream and we have much more depth to realizing that dream or goal

With so much on our plates and such busy lives, achieving what we really want can take a backseat to the “now.” However, your “now” is the best time to manifest your dreams and goals. Let’s take a look at five different tips you can implement into your life right now to improve your ability to manifest your dreams. You might be surprised by how helpful they are!

Check out these…5 Tips for Being Lucky in Success

1. Don’t give away your energy or you’re essence.

Are you finding yourself getting sick more often? Maybe you’re not sleeping well, you don’t do the things you used to love. There’s a good chance you’re giving away your energy, letting others sap or zap your energy. Some will say you’re spreading yourself thin and not giving back to yourself enough. But this is only partly true. There’s more to it when you begin to deal with the underlying energetics. By gaining the deep learning of how to be more resilient energetically so you don’t have to always be thinking protection or how much of yourself you give away, you’ll be able to get on track physically and mentally, and finally start your journey to manifest your dreams. Learn to ask more questions and be mindful about when to say no if you volunteer or you’re asked to do things you know will drag you back down.

2. Stop small thinking.

If you’re only living for survival and not passion, you might be living small. Stopping this can take a lot of courage, and you’ll have to shake up what “normal” is and move for what you want. Acknowledge your talent, hire a coach, take some business classes, stop wasting time, and don’t give up!

3. Be Open to the tough conversations.

It can be really hard to have conversations that could end in the break up of a relationship, or could possibly hurt the feelings of the person you’re speaking with. However, if you’ve been avoiding thought conversations and avoiding telling someone how you feel, the issue won’t just go away. This is an act of bravery, especially if you’re a conflict avoider or people pleaser. However, you owe it to yourself and the other individual to be honest about your feelings.

4. Quiet your chaos and then your mind with energetic solutions® and meditation.

Meditation is a great way to quiet a chaotic mind. Human beings tend to be biased towards the negative, and this can seriously affect how well we make and achieve goals. Meditating won’t stop your thoughts altogether– rather, they’ll show you just how fleeting they can be.

5. Write down your goals and always connect them to your bottom line.

What’s your bottom line? What is your “why” for your dream? Why do you want to reach that goal so badly, and what’s the ultimate outcome you want? Write down each of your goals and connect each of them to your bottom line. If a goal doesn’t easily connect with your bottom line, it may be time to revise or eliminate that goal.

BONUS item: Consider yourself already lucky.

There’s a story of a study done to find out who was lucky. It was done by some grads students and they found two groups. One group was handed a newspaper and told to find a specific phrase in the paper. The second group was told they were the “lucky ones” and handed the same paper. 

The results were profound as the group that was told they were lucky found the phrase in minutes. The other group took over an hour to find it. The phrase was actually on the first page. 

So it pays to start thinking of yourself as ALREADY LUCKY.

Which one of our holistic tips for improving your ability to manifest your dreams helped you the most? We want to hear from you in the comments below!

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