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Define The Path To Your Goals Using Measurable Milestones

The path to accomplishing your goals is paved with measurable milestones. 

Having a sense of direction is an essential first step in setting goals. Next, you need to crystallize the path through deliberate action steps. In this phase, you will need to work backward from your personal or professional mission statement. 

The end goal is still an aspiration. You have a sense of direction and some inspiration. But you have no control over the outcome.

For instance, if you had followed the process of writing your mission statement and come up with the following goal:

  1. Goal: Promoted to regional sales director in the next 3 years.
  2. Mission Statement: To be the leading expert on sales and promotions for the automobile industry and to drive change in sales methods and techniques to increase profits…

It is now clear that the timeframe is 1-3 years and the aspiration (the why) is represented in the mission statement. Also, this goal is qualifiable and now needs to be quantified.

In other words, you need to break the aspiration down into smaller action steps to create the path towards accomplishing your goal.

Are you FULLY committed to acting on your goals?

Set Measurable Milestones For Achieving Goals

  • These are short-term goals (usually between 6-8 months).
  • These performance goals indicate whether you are on the right track to achieving your goals.
  • There are numerous metrics for measuring goals (for example, SMART goals).

So looking at the goal from an outsider’s perspective, start writing action steps that will guide you in the right direction.

  • Become a team lead within the next 8 months: Before you become a manager, you need to be responsible for leading at least one team.
  • Improve performance ratings and feedback from managers from 3 to 4: Assuming that you are currently rated at a 3, the short-term goal is to get that rating up to a 4 or higher. You will need the support of your peers and senior management to be selected as a regional sales manager.
  • Invest in the current team and ensure 90% of the team moves up to the next level: Having the support of your current team is crucial. Ensuring that the entire team wins will boost your chances of becoming the lead manager.

Now that you have a clearer path in the short-term, the focus shifts from your aspirations to actually doing the work required for your goals.


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