Is Your Mind Overwhelmed? Here Are Some Tips for Clearing It

Use mindfulness to clear your mind.
Use mindfulness to clear your mind.

An overwhelmed mind can be difficult to calm, leaving you feeling drained and unable to focus. In many cases, an overwhelmed mind can also be distracting and result in lack of sleep and a decline in health. If your mind is overwhelmed, here are some tips for clearing it–

Practice Yoga

Yoga – as well as other forms of exercise – are a great way to relieve stress, relax and even practice mindfulness. Exercise in general is great for your mind and body and should be something you are engaging in regularly, even if that just means walking every day.

Confront the Thing That is Overwhelming You

If there is a specific thing that is giving you grief, do not be afraid to confront it head on. What is causing you stress? How can the problem be alleviated? What do you need to do to overcome the things that are overwhelming your mind?

Substitute Overwhelming, Negative Thoughts for More Positive Ones

If you can’t alleviate what is on your mind, how about substituting it for something else? While this isn’t good for huge problems, it can be a great way to get over minor stresses – I.e. instead of spilling coffee on yourself this morning (which really happened), imagine that you rewarded yourself with a new shirt because you achieved something great.

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