Money Healing for Prosperity, Abundance, and Success

Remove hidden abundance blocks that sabotage financial growth while rewiring the brain for prosperity and success.

Did you know that the law of attraction (LOA) is not the most important Universal Law to study when you desire to attract true wealth?

There are some key things that are important to transform in your mind, body, energy, and even your business to achieve and manifest your dreams. Some of these shifts need to come around those areas of:

  • How to locate money blockage within the body
  • How to remove stagnant energy from financial struggles
  • How to overcome money fear & stress
  • How to heal financial trauma and money wounds
  • How to create success while you sleep
  • How to reprogram for abundance and prosperity
  • Transform negative opinions about money; never look at money, prosperity and metaphysics the same way!
  • Universal and metaphysical solutions for why debt feels so heavy; and how to release the pressure of financial burdens.
  • Get more than eight different fun, effective and quick financial exercises to perform every day, all of which help in rewiring your mindset around money from “lack” to “plenty.”
  • The difference between entrepreneurship, side hustles and business ownership and where you can put your energy and mind to increase your wealth.
  • Find out what your personal financial break-even point is (don’t worry, it’s super easy to learn).
  • A complete relationship make-over with money, prosperity and wealth (contains fun exercises).
  • How to see and treat money as spiritual energy so it will work for you (rather than you being enslaved to it).
  • Once and for all clear the blocks that is keeping prosperity from flowing to you.
  • Tools to help you get positive attitudes towards prosperity, wealth and money.
  • How to obtain a “rich mindset” vs a “poverty mentality” and you will learn the things needed to manifest true wealth.

Most people tend to live paycheck to paycheck and wish for extra money. Then when they do get extra it tends to flow to you and then suddenly it disappears? Many borrow from Peter to pay Paul?

When you learn how to heal money blocks that have been growing roots for many years, even as far back as childhood is when money starts flowing in. But that is often when most people start coasting and letting the process slip, til it slips back to where you were before you get started. It’s necessary to work through the system of healing again and again until the mind, body, energy, and business sync up to have more prosperity – almost on demand.

You see most of our money blocks have been taken on from random conversations, family and schooling conditioning, religious beliefs, and even the news.

These conscious and unconscious conditionings often show up in our outer world in some of these ways:

  • Never seem to have enough money after a bunch of money comes in
  • Worry about paying your bills on time even though you have more than usual
  • Drained energetically and then financially and/or unable to save
  • Feel uneasy viewing your bills and banking accounts
  • Like to buy the cheapest deals and tend to overspend on these
  • You won’t ask for the sale in your business
  • Your inner sense is that you have more abilities that are untapped
  • You tend to under charge and over give
  • The weight of guilt of wanting more but don’t want to take too much

…these are all money blocks and you must heal and resolve these so that you can actually have what is divinely your right.

Whether you want to heal yourself from money challenges, this course will inspire and educate you using a unique teaching style that is down to earth, humorous and effective.

Most people in Western society are so oblivious of what exists beyond our senses and the material world. They can be so grounded in the physical reality that they are blind to how their thoughts, emotions, and beliefs have a direct reflection of what and who we attract. With awareness or not, it doesn’t stop the energy from affecting their lives, especially the flow of money.

Our money emotions, dreams, and thoughts – the powerful energy of our life force – ripples through our reality, leaving impressions, like fingerprints on this world.

The first step to money healing is to become aware of those money stories impressions that affect our well-being at this present moment. You will learn how to tap into your subconscious mind and release these harmful money perceptions that are suppressed and buried alive.
The exercises in this Money Healing course will allow the student to understand where these subtle money energies are repressed and suppressed within our energy system. As well as change how they transmit their money signals and tune into money frequency.

Understanding and working with our money energy is not a supernatural privilege. It’s the natural interaction with have with the world around us. Regardless if you have doubts about how this power works or think this is a New Age concept, energy will do its work with or without your knowledge or consent. So, don’t you think it is time to take back your power?

This Unleash Your Prosperity is like a money healing course to you can gain power or gain that power back, while still having amazing energy and time. Once you have an awareness of the basic principles and the type of relationship behind your money flow, you can best apply the changes to your life as well as your legacy.

Know this…slave mentality is overrated and unnecessary if you chose to course correct and live while thinking differently.

Remember, 80% of success comes from the mind, and 20% is mechanical.

The exercises and techniques of any successful money shifting program are best when repeated to release money stories or experiences that may be causing a blockage. During this high-replay value, you will begin to reveal more aspects of your money experience that you may have previously missed. Although going through one money block exercise on the first try can release that blockage, your most significant benefits will come through repetition. It’s no different than learning a new skill, as repetition and hands-on training are the best ways to receive results.

You will find that every lesson contains a topic overview and the exercises that complement each teaching. All of the activities encourage the students to tailor their own needs. This course provides a basic template, but everyone’s background, experiences, stories, and beliefs are unique. If any exercises don’t adapt well to you, please, by all means, adjust that exercise, so it works best for you.

I hope you enjoy this Unleash Your Prosperity with the eight videos online training money-healing course.

Happy Money Healing!

Unleash Your Business Prosperity Through Love

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