How to Motivate People Around You to Think Big

What drives your success, and how do you help to drive others’?

Managing others is a big responsibility; as is being a member of a team, even if you are not the one in charge. Which is why whether at home or in the workplace, knowing how to motivate people to think creatively and develop unique solutions is important. Here are some tips for motivating those around you to think big (remember, you can always apply these to yourself, too!):

Ask Questions

The best way to get people to think is to ask questions. But don’t just stick to the basics – find out what really makes those around you tick and if you are faced with a problem that demands an immediate solution, ask those around you what they think. What is the root of the issue? How is it affecting them? What outcome would they like to see?

Figure Out What Others Need

Want to motivate others around you to perform well? Give them what they need to do it. In an office setting, this could be providing employees with more free time and flexibility, as well as fewer restrictions (i.e. letting go of the traditional nine to five mentality). At home, this could mean picking up the slack for a partner by offering to cook dinner or take the dog out. When others have more time for themselves to explore their own thought, they are more productive and creative.

Make Time for Ideas and Conversation

One problem that people have in both their personal and professional lives is that they allow things to become too busy to really talk about the things that matter. It is very important that you make time for ideas, conversation, problem solving and brainstorming.

How do you motivate people around you? What do you do to motivate yourself?

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