New Study Highlights One Payment that Is Impairing Your Financial Health

What is draining your bank account the most?
What is draining your bank account the most?

Think a bit about your financial picture. Like most people, you likely want to save more money and are thinking about ways to cut back. What’s more, you probably complain about the high costs of your rent or mortgage, your health insurance premiums, or the costs of living – like groceries and going out – in the city in which you live. But a new study highlights that there is one thing above all else that is impairing your ability to save more money: your auto payment.

The Average Cost of a Car

According to the study, the average new car payment is $499 per month. And, the average car loan length is a whopping 68 months – that’s nearly $34,000 in payments!

A Huge Payment Does Not Have to Be a Fact of Life

In America, we are conditioned to believe that a car payment – and a big one at that – is a fact of life. Further, we are conditioned to believe that the value of a car says something about the value of a person; nothing could be further from the truth. Some ways that you can escape the new car commitment include: rethinking your finances – can you really afford thousands of dollars in payments for the rest of your life? Do you want to pay for something that is going to depreciate? Consider alternative modes of transportation – is a car necessary? If a car is a must, consider only used vehicles, and separate your value from your car’s value.

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