A New Week, a Fresh Start

Looking to give your new week a fresh start? Here are some quick tips on how to make this week your best…

The start of a new week can be the start of a new life.

Each day is a new opportunity to start fresh. As today is Monday, the start of both a new day and a new week, today is the perfect opportunity to give yourself a clean slate if you need it. Living in the past and letting past actions hold you back will get you no where. Let go of yesterday and start again today. Here’s how:

Start the Day with a Reminder

Start your Monday with a reminder to yourself of your goals, aspirations and the person you want to be. Sometimes, reminding yourself aloud exactly what you want is essential. Create a mantra for yourself and repeat it back to yourself multiple times throughout the day.

Get Moving

Don’t let Monday be an extension of Sunday, whether in attitude or in action. Today is your day to be active and productive. So get up early, get some exercise in and get started on that project you have been meaning to tackle. Continuing to put stuff off until “later” is an excuse that will never get to success. NOW is your moment.

Be Appreciative

Perhaps the most important thing that a person can do is to show appreciation and gratitude for the things that they are given. When you are grateful and appreciative, there is no room for sourness, disappointment or feelings of failure. As you move throughout your day, say “thanks” to the things that are wonderful about your life, ranging from beauty in nature around you to kindness from others to your own body and mind.

How do you like to start your week?


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Remember that energy is where the real you shines and success is more easily attainable…let it shine today!



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