Optimism Abounds: Finding a Bright Future in Darkness

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Are you loving the life you are living?

Finding A Bright Future in the Darkness

I keep seeing ads from a well-known internet marketer about what he would do if he started all over. It’s one thing that I think about all the time for times like these. Most people are freaked out by all the events in the world.

So if that’s you…I get it.

It’s hard to imagine not being. As scary as it can be I find that looking at this whole thing that’s happening things aren’t going “back to normal”. There is less normal than ever now that we’ve had such a reset.

A Bright Future Ahead

During times like these, I find myself even more committed to helping others be winners in the “Game of Life”. Paying attention to some of the things that are working and trends out there in the marketplace as that’s where one needs to watch. Most people look at all the information out there and find the things that aren’t working…what if you begin by looking for what is working? If I were to start out right now as an entrepreneur I would look for the solution that I uniquely provide.

Most people are focused on the freakout and trying to get back to some normal, when actually there was never a normal before but what was customary until now. It’s like when you have a freak accident or experience an intense circumstance…all your cylinders are firing. But most people tend to stay in the drama and talk about all the things that are bad and wrong about a situation. When instead during such a time you want to double or triple down on sharing your unique gifts, vision, mission, ideas, products etc.

Urgency and Prosperity

I wrote a book about manifesting because I bought a house that was over my budget and had nothing left in the account to get furniture to fill it. I had urgency to get a bed and something to sit on for a dinner I was hosting. What I did do was get busy getting busy working out how I could serve my community with what I knew. That’s how Energetic Solutions was born. Before long I had a very busy schedule and was helping a lot of the Southern California community with their health and wealth. As scary as it might seem the more urgency you have to create something from what you already have within your abilities the sooner you’ll have the income you want/need. If you already have an income and want to increase it …then dig deeper inside yourself and see what else you have to give, share, provide the community you support. I guarantee you that if you sit and “meditate on the solution”, you’ll have a very timely and aligned product.

What makes you happy?

If you need help with that we’re here to lend guidance. For now look at all the things that you have disdain for – social media in all its forms, marketing, sharing what you have, etc and remember that someone in your world is seeking what you uniquely can offer. Let’s invest our time and mind energy wisely. Here’s a great start….Click HERE to access 5 Essential Energies.

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