Do Your Outside Actions Reflect Your Inside Feelings?

Be yourself.
Be your true self.

There is nothing that will get your energy out of alignment faster than acting in a manner that is not reflective of how you feel. When your outside actions do not reflect your inside feelings your energy will quickly spiral into a whirlwind of negativity. Therefore, leaving you drained, unhappy and without true success.

How to Align Your Actions with Your Values and Beliefs

The first step in aligning your values and your actions is to identify your values. This takes true insight, self-actualization and “you” time where you have an honest conversation with yourself. Define your spiritual and cultural values. Define the things you are passionate about. Define the people and things you care about. Make a list of important values – such as compassion, integrity, and authenticity. Then, write down what each of those words mean to you. 

Acting in Accordance with Your Values

Acting in accordance with your values can be challenging to do. There is often pressure to act in a way that is different from who you truly feel or believe yourself to be. Here are some tips:

  • Think before you act – What effect will your actions have? Does the action align with your values?
  • Reflect on situations – What would you do differently in the future?
  • Put your values first – You can truly act out the person you are when you are committed to self-actualization and alignment.

By acting in a way that isn’t indicative of your values, you jeopardize your energy and well-being. Start living your real YOU today.

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