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The Placebo Effect: Could a Placebo Help You Be More Successful?

Are you using everything available to you to help you become more successful?

Placebos have demonstrated time and time again that they are often just as effective as the real deal. To be sure, a great blog post published by Mark Sisson reviews studies of physical pain, depression, IBS, joint pain, and even Parkinson’s disease that highlight that placebos often work to alleviate symptoms. Which can make sense – often times, things really may be “in your head.”

The effects that placebos can have certainly opens up the conversation about how the placebo effect could help you to be a more effective, happy, and successful person. Here are some things to think about:

Why Placebos Might Work

First, it’s beneficial to understand why placebos might work in the first place. As explained in the blog cited above, there are a couple of explanations, including:

  • The existence of expectations (i.e. you think something is going to work, so it works); and
  • Classical conditioning (You start with a non-placebo, then switch to a identical-looking placebo after a few weeks. Your body has become conditioned to have a certain response with the non-placebo, and associates the placebo with that as such).

Placebos for Yourself for Success

One of the issues with a placebo is, of course, that in most cases people don’t know that they’re taking a placebo. This means that making a placebo work for you (if you’re planning the whole thing out), might prove difficult. But that doesn’t mean it’s completely futile. In fact, opening your energy up to the possibility of a placebo can have real power. And keep in mind that placebos aren’t always associated with physical conditions – using things like daily affirmations (i.e. “I know I can do xyz today.”) can really improve your energetics.

Have you had any experience with placebos? What was the result?

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