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Everyone Sheevaun here Driving For Your Success. I get to talk to folks on our different challenges and our online courses. And one of the things I tend to see a lot of is this thing called rules. R U L E S, rules? What the heck are rules? Well, we’re taught to play by the rules. We’re taught to play by certain rules. We’re taught to be good within the rules.

We’re taught to stay within or below the boundaries of the rules. But here’s the thing about, growing up when we grow up, the rules that we’re taught about money are usually about safety and security and lack and fear and can’ts. What I call the ants. And it’s more about how the rules are never actually ever explained. And then you can’t have something because somebody said so. And that’s a rule and that sticks with you. And that’s gonna create rules as you get older. And so the interesting things about rules is there are rules around money, rules around health rules, around doing enough rules, around you know, how much trouble you’re gonna get in if you don’t play by the rules. And as you get older, what happens is maybe the rule game is this big, but as you get older, it gets smaller and smaller and smaller because you don’t want to get caught in making a mistake with the rules.

So you need to look at where you are upholding rules that don’t make sense for you and growing your business. Your business is rule-bound by how you lead it and how you thrive in it and how much money you make in it. Sometimes, people, have rules about you can’t go so far or something will break, or the other shoe will drop. And that’s a very common thing.

Yet the rules that we reframe to be are they the decision, they the decision in line with our values. And do our values mean that we want to achieve something more than what our rules are saying? And do we have to look at the rules and see how those rules are holding us back? There’s another part of rules that is often holding us back and it’s our spiritual self not blending with business, money, success, and opportunity, and our spiritual self, when it’s blended with those things, actually helps the business grow. That’s one of the reasons I am the leader in the industry of blending spirituality, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, relational, and financial. Those six, those six pillars. And so look at your rules. Look at what rules are holding you back and keeping you smaller than you need to be.

My name is Sheevaun Moran. Go to and check out the cool stuff there and break some rules, read some stuff, and maybe even reach out and see if I can be of support and value too. Thanks, and have an awesome day.

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