What Scares You? How to Overcome the Things You Fear

What things generate feelings of fear within you?

With Halloween just a day away, today’s the perfect day to address the things that scare you, and we’re not talking about spooky spiders or things that give you the creeps. Instead, it’s time to address those skeletons in your closet, or ghosts from the past that keep you from reaching your full potential.

Fears that Keep Us From Success

The biggest fear that holds most people back from reaching their full potential and achieving success is the looming fear of failure. This fear may be embedded deep within you, stemming from friends, family members or teachers telling you at a young age that you couldn’t do something, weren’t valuable, or would not succeed. Sometimes, we create these fears ourselves by putting too much pressure on ourselves throughout the course of our lives. Indeed, sometimes a fear of failure can stem from always succeeding, and therefore fear of the unknown.

How to Overcome the Things that You Fear

Whether failure is the thing that is holding you back or something else, such as the fear of public speaking, fear of being disliked, or fear of rejection, here are some tips for overcoming these fears:

  • Picture the obstacle and the worst case scenario (picture yourself failing or being rejected – what happens next?);
  • List your strengths;
  • Identify what it is you really fear;
  • Accept that all things in life are temporary;
  • Try seeing yourself from a different perspective; and
  • TRY, with the knowledge that if you fail, life is not over.

What things are you afraid of? What is holding you back from success?


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