See, Speak, and Hear No Evil

I was a guest on a podcast interview the other day and he asked me how I had started and was perplexed about how I got clients. He was perplexed at my elevator pitch and a few other things bent his mind. I’ll share the podcast with you soon.

But for now, here’s something he got me thinking about…

When I was a child my mom kept a zen-like environment. Not much clutter, well actually no clutter allowed.

One thing that was on our living room bookcase was the three monkeys. You know the ones that have their hands over their eyes🙈, mouth🙊, and ears🙉?

Well, I looked at those every single day. My aunt had the same monkey statues in her house too…

It perplexed me daily, as a child, and today when I was waiting at a government office for the third try to accomplish the task, it got me thinking. I was being helped by a supervisor who was mad at the injustice for me, because I wasn’t upset at all, and I was thinking and writing this email to you while waiting, about how there are some more elements to those three monkeys.

Hands over ears – hear no evil
Hands over eyes – see no evil
Hands over mouth – speak no evil

One that I believe is missing is hands over brain. This one would think no evil and if you do then clean that stuff up…fast. The brain is a bevy of activity that keeps us spinning in circles rather than what I teach so that you get out of that spin. Our brains are wired in the coolest ways and we must learn a new way to unwind that spin, to revise that spin to reimagine life outside of the spin.

To hear no evil doesn’t mean that you don’t listen. It does mean that you listen to the things that are good, positive, beneficial, prosperous, and uplifting.

To see no evil is to look with eyes of beauty and find the beauty in everything and everyone. It’s to find the good with our eyes for ourselves and others.

To speak no evil does not mean any communication. It does mean to communicate with kindness, love, abundance, and increase. To leave out the gossip and stop speaking unkind things to ourselves.

The guy at that federal office said I ought to write up a negative review of the persons who gave me wrong information, had me travel hours unnecessarily and stressed me. I said “Nah, that’s not who I am. I’d rather you find the good in what you’re helping me accomplish here.” He then put his hands on his heart and said thank you and I was a unicorn

So my suggestion for you today is to hop on into this if you’re really ready to have those miracles.

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To your over the top abundance!

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