Increase Your Success by 
Shifting Your Mindset

Build your self-awareness.

Oftentimes we think once we are adults that we should be able to overcome anything. I know I assumed when I turned 18 I would know everything. When that didn’t happen, I thought once I moved out on my own. Then I assumed once I turned 21 I would be a knowledgable adult that could handle anything. After years of reaching milestones and not suddenly becoming an all-knowing being, I realized that being a true adult means you are always open, always learning, and always growing. As soon as I accepted this truth, I found myself becoming more successful in my life and in my career. By shifting from a set mindset to a growth mindset, you too can stop self-sabotaging your success. 

What is a Growth Mindset?

A growth mindset is the opposite of a set mindset. When we set limits for ourselves such as, “This is too hard.” we have set our minds to recognize that we will not overcome the said obstacle. For many of us, we have been doing this since childhood. By shifting to a growth mindset and opening our hearts and minds for success, we invite new possibilities into our lives that were not possible before. In order to stop self-sabotaging your success, there are simple steps you can take that will broaden your horizon and help you become an observer in your own life. The ability to step back, recognize your own feelings of doubt, address why you’re having these feelings, and shift your mindset to speak kindly to yourself is not always easy, but with practice, it can be done.

How Do I Shift to a Growth Mindset?

When you find yourself in a moment of doubt with negative self-talk and a set mind, the first step is not giving up. Commit to yourself that you are worthy of the time and effort it will take to get you where you want to go. Often when roadblocks arise, we as humans tend to panic and feel as though nothing will ever change. After many years of living, we gradually learn that everything is always changing. Take comfort in the knowledge that everything is always changing and know that you will always be changing and growing and becoming better. Begin with your self-talk to invite a growth mindset into your life and your career. 

  • Instead of “It’s too hard.” try, “This will take more time.”
  • Instead of, “I’m bad at…” try, “What am I missing?”
  • Instead of, “I’ll never get any better.” try, “I can always improve, so I’ll keep trying.”
  • Instead of, “I don’t want to do this.” try, “I am able and healthy. I get to do this!”

The Benefits of Shifting to a Growth Mindset for Your Life

When you stop self-sabotaging your own success and build a growth mindset, your home life, your relationships, and your work life will begin to overflow with success. Believing in yourself and challenging negative thoughts will provide you with a fulfilling life. Don’t be afraid of a little time and effort, because the benefits will be well worth the wait. You have the tools you need to feel successful and now the only thing stopping you is your mindset. Put in the practice and you will become unstoppable. 

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