Signs You Should Invest in Compassion

Why does compassion matter in your life?
Why does compassion matter in your life?

Compassion is an inherent emotion, but with stress, experience, and hurt throughout our lives, the compassion of some individuals can wane and be replaced with a hardness instead. Here are a few signs that it may be time for you to reinvest in compassion in your life–

1. You Got A Purposelessness Feeling

If you are feeling purposeless, part of that may be that you are unable to empathize with others and understand how you are able to connect with them. Acting with compassion – such as treating someone with a kindness that you don’t necessarily believe they deserve – can be invigorating, uplifting and make you feel more purposeful.

2. You Think About Money All of the Time

Money has a big role in our lives but it should not be your entire life. If you are constantly thinking about money, this is a sign that you are failing to think about other important elements of a happy life. Redirect your focus and start thinking about ways you can be more compassionate; this will help you understand that money is not everything.

3. You’re Not Kind to Yourself

Most people who experience self-doubt, anxiety, or even self-loathing do so as a result of a lack of compassion in their lives. If you are not kind to yourself and you are not taking care of your mind in body, you need to explore the concept of compassion as it pertains to yourself.

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