Stacking for Success | Tree of Life Podcast | Episode 5

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Stacking for Success | Tree of Life Podcast | Episode 5
Tree of Life Podcast | Episode 5

This is the Tree of Life podcast with Sheevaun Moran. And we’re about to jump into episode number five. We’ve covered a lot of territory in the concept of the Tree and Life and success and how it applies to health and wealth and business building. And this episode is probably something that you’ve heard before but with a metaphor that maybe you’ve not thought about before.

Trees are always stacking for the future, whether it’s with their roots in soil or branches reaching high up towards heaven. And that is what businesses and startups do too – they think about year-end/month-end so far as to create new goals every few months just because things haven’t gone according plan yet! But there must be more than this though; we need success & achievement on our minds at all times if you want anything different from your life other than please + hurry up already!.

The way trees grow shows us how powerful intention can get when combined with diligence (both physical labor).

As if this weren’t enough to handle, we also have the challenge of maintaining our productivity when on vacation. We can’t let ourselves relax or else it might be a while before we get another chance at some serious work again!  And even though most people don’t consider themselves as “workaholics” during their downtime – they still need something productive going forward in order for them not to feel lost without goals and responsibilities outside oneself.

Many people think that success begins and ends with money, but the reality is far different. I was having lunch with a client who has an extremely successful retail company recently and he told me how trees are able to stack for seasonal changes in order to prepare themselves against tough times ahead – just as our business should be doing too!

The trees are tapping into their environment to get data, information. They’re actually kind of AI themselves – what’s happening is they look for patterns and historical occurrences so that the roots can be prepared before all else happens in order to ensure a healthy tree remains thriving even during lean times when there isn’t much water or nutrients available from soil moisture. A tree does this because it has been programmed since seedling days- we all design ourselves with more life expected out here on earth. We’re designed for more growth, for more creativity, for more success, and nature’s giving us these signals, but we’re not necessarily applying them to our own lives.

We’re applying them in a way that is similar to how we learned about school, with an MBA and other courses. And even though it might not be working for us now – because everyone has different life goals–I’m sure there will come a time when these skills can make all the difference between success or failure!

The forest is always preparing. It’s a common misconception that the trees in forests can sense what happens to them or how they will respond, but this isn’t true – at least not as much as you might think!

But we as humans, our thinking brains are into comparing and appraising. And so oftentimes when you see a tree preparing for the winter season by putting on its best leafage; that’s how I think of stacking for success: always looking at what other people have done to help themselves be successful in life even if their paths weren’t exactly like yours or mine!

I encourage everyone reading this article today- do not forget about your own personal preparation efforts either because one thing is certain– every single person alive today will eventually face some kind of challenge.

The trees of the world are always preparing for disaster, but they’re also always ready to celebrate when their favorite teams win. They dig deeper into the soil in order to prepare themselves and eagerly await rain or snowfall so that water can reach all parts of this magnificent plant’s roots system (which includes you)! And yet we’re not stacking for success in our own worlds, in our own lives. A tree is real and you can see this in the history of the rings of the tree. You can see when there was a drought, you can see when there was a flood, you could see when they went through a growth spurt.

And you can kind of see from what I’ve heard from the folks who’ve studied these rings, is that you can see a tree starting to prepare for that new environment, meaning storing and securing its future. Are you doing that in your own world? Are you doing that in your health? Are you doing that in your life? Are you doing that in your relationships? Are you doing that in your finances and our finances? We have this really wonky thing that a lot of people have a challenge with. They have a challenge with saving for a rainy day. We were having a conversation in my inner circle group the other day and several of them raised their hand and said, I really don’t like the concept of saving. And it really came down to an attitude and a program and a pattern and a belief that saving was just for a rainy day for Heather.

My encouragement to you is that we should all be stacking for success. What does this mean? It means being prepared and having the right tools so our lives can flourish in any situation, not just during “seasons” when things typically get more difficult or challenging – but also throughout every day of the year! You might start by looking at your health with an eye toward improving its condition before winter comes around again next year; after seeing how trees have been able to withstand harsh winters while still providing ample shade (and plenty else) despite their hardships.

The trees in this forest are designed to grow continuously and be successful. I want you to take a look at how they’re doing it, then use what we’ve learned here as inspiration for your own business!

But if you want bigger stacks for grander success, then you really want to tap into a system that is going to get you those rewards that are truly unjust than yours. So, we teach stacking for the calendar where we teach mindset stacking. We teach health stacking, which is crucial. Some of those you can find in my books on our shop dot Shavon site. And the other thing we teach people to stack four is to stack for a solid foundation in their startup, their business, or their reset, meaning getting unstuck to the next level and stack that foundation, reset that foundation so that what occurs is the natural root system, the natural growth spurts can occur with much more ease and fluidity and prosperity and grace and naturalness that is going to really help propel one in into, into an upward trending cycle.

So where are you stacking for success? Where do you need to learn to stack for success and where do you need to get your hand pulled up so that you can get into a process that is going to stack for your success, whether it’s your life or your health, or your business. My name is Sheevaun Moran. You can go to and you can start stacking your success by going to the one on one page and there’s a little chat application just fill that in and we’ll get back to you and have a conversation and see if you’re in a place where you’re ready to have your success stacked and really to get into the mode that is right for you and ripe for you for that next branch. That next burst of growth. Have an awesome day.

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