Starting a Business? Here Are 5 Ways to Get Inspired

A great product or service isn’t usually the first step in starting a business. It begins with the desire to build something. The idea or even the category comes later. If starting a business has been in your mind for a while but you haven’t been able to come up with a creative product or service, relax. That’s how it naturally happens.

Some of the most successful entrepreneurs never woke up with a breakthrough idea and then thought about starting a business. They tried their hands at several things, looked in multiple places, and finally hit upon a scalable idea. So, if you too have been thinking about starting a business, here are five ways to find that dream product or service.

5 ways to find an idea and start a business

1. Find a problem that frustrates you

Look in your life and find a problem that has always irritated you. It could be something small, unique, or common. It could be about digital parking tickets or biodegradable diapers. But it always leaves you wondering, “Why can’t someone take care of this?”

Well, it’s your turn now. Think of a solution for that.

2. Dive Into Your interests

Interested in food from a particular region? Or traveling solo? Or creating fantasy worlds? Look at what interests you and see if there’s some value you can add to it. Search amongst people with similar hobbies and find out if there’s an issue that needs a solution.

It doesn’t have to be a universal problem but one that a small section is keenly interested in.

3. Improve existing solutions

Starting a business isn’t always about coming up with something completely new. Orkut and Yahoo had been around before Facebook and Gmail. All you’ve got to do is think of a better way to do it.

The best part about this approach – and the reason why most businesses follow it – is that it assures you of an eager audience. You don’t have to create it. The market’s already there.

4. Look across cultures

You could do this either by searching online or the original way – traveling. Find something from another culture, language, community, or region that you believe can find a broader audience.

Even if you don’t find an idea, you’ll be exposed to newer ways of thinking. That’ll help you shift your entrepreneurial energy to achieve better results.

5. Start

If you’re thinking about starting a business and have a rough idea, just start doing it. Easily said, I know but starting on it is the most important thing so that you get it out of your head.

Don’t let the fear of perfection stop you from doing it. If your product or service doesn’t turn out to be innovative, you can always iterate or find fresh problems to solve.

Write all the parts of the problem that you think you can solve with a product, program or service. Connect with people who have done something like this and look at how you’re unique and KNOW that you actually are unique.

What’s important is to get the momentum going on. A “somewhat workable” solution that’s real is exponentially better than a perfect idea that remains on paper.

Starting a business is starting a journey. You don’t have to know the precise destination or the route. All you’ve got to know is that you’re ready to begin and that soon, you’ll be way ahead of where you’re right now.

When you start anything in terms of a business you must sell the idea first and that will help you get momentum to taking the idea and making it a reality. What are you ready to sell and share with the world?

Are you ready to start?

Ready to Unleash Your Business Prosperity

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