Stop Obsessing Over Your Errors  

Are you obsessed with your own imperfections?
Are you obsessed with your own imperfections?

Human beings are different from animals in many ways, one of which is that we have a great sense of self-awareness. While self-awareness is an extremely positive trait, it can also be damaging; we tend to obsess anytime we make an error, convinced that the whole world thinks we are incompetent as such.

You Are Not Really in the Spotlight

While we have a hard time separating our own perception of ourselves from how other people view us, here is the truth: you are not in the spotlight. And realize it or not, when you make an error, wear the same shirt a few days in a row because you forgot to do the laundry, or otherwise do something about which you are embarrassed, chances are that no one else has even noticed, let alone cares.

Tips for Stopping the Obsession

Dwelling on your own errors is unhealthy and unproductive. Here are some tips to help you to stop obsessing:

  • Get used to uncomfortable situations by intentionally putting yourself in them. For example, volunteer to go on stage the next time you’re at a show and they need an audience member or sign up for a dance class that you feel ridiculous doing.
  • Consider the fallout of whatever thing you are embarrassed about. For example, say that you stuttered while giving a presentation in front of some colleagues – what is the worst outcome if they do think that you are a bad speaker? How does this affect you?

Learn to Live with Your Imperfections

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