Top Recommendations for Success From Someone Who Knows  

How is success reached?
How is success reached?

An article published in the Huffington Post shares top recommendations for success from the very successful Steve Forbes – yes, that is Steve Forbes, the chairman and CEO of Forbes Media. A glimpse into those tips is provided below – you can read the whole article here.

Seek Change On Your Own

When you are an entrepreneur, you need to stay aware of your business and the chance that something could disrupt it. This means that you need to constantly be asking yourself what you would do differently, how things could be improved upon, etc. If you do not disrupt yourself and change on your own, be sure that others will do it for you.

Be Prepared for Criticism and Handle it Well

You will surely be criticized by someone, somewhere. When you are, keep it in perspective and don’t let it get you too down. If the criticism is warranted, take it into consideration and consider what you could do differently next time.

Put Your Passions First

If your passion is only to make money, you probably won’t get anywhere fast. On the other hand, if you are passionate about something that makes you money, and you focus on that passion, money will follow.

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