Surrounding Yourself with the Right People for Success

Are your friends and coworkers motivated and dedicated?

Everyone is a product of their community. To be sure, studies show that we pick up the behaviors of those around us, and that in general, it is hard to “break out” of one’s surroundings and upbringing. Indeed, this is part of the reason that those who are raised in more affluent communities tend to be more affluent later in life.

The fact that those around us have such a large effect on us is reason to begin surrounding yourself with the right people to help you reach success.

People Who Are Motivating Will Motivate You

Surrounding yourself with people who are motivating will motivate you, providing you with more inspiration to reach into yourself work hard to achieve what you want. What’s more, when you work and surround yourself with people who have high standards, it is much harder to slack off – these people help to hold you to your standards.

People Who Slack Off Will Rub Off on You, Too

Conversely, surrounding yourself with people who slack off will likely have the opposite effect; the more lax they are and the lower bar they set, the less drive you will have and the lower amount of intensity to push yourself you may experience.

Choose Your Social Circle Wisely

While the above isn’t to say that you can’t be friends with everyone, it is to say that if you want to reach the greatest levels of success, surrounding yourself with successful people may be an important part of the equation.

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