The Problem With Only Focusing on Your Dreams  

It's time to get out of dream world.
It’s time to get out of dream world.

Most people believe that having big dreams is a good thing. And to some extent, it is. However, where problems arise is when it comes to actually following dreams; many people start following their dreams without any real plan, and end up left in the same or worse condition than they were when they started to follow their dreams.

Living the Dream – From Hope to Reality

Many people who want to “live the dream” are really just hoping. They become caught in a cycle of hope, like a dog chasing its tail. The cycle of disappoint continues, and dreams never come to fruition.

In fact, dreams are highly associated with fear, anxiety, abandonment, and, only periodically, joy.

Wake Up

Unfortunately, overly focusing on dreams means that you are remaining unconscious and are failing to take action. If you are ready to really reach success and unlock your true potential, you need to wake up. Only then can you see what you are actually capable of achieving.

After you get back in your body, you can then create a dream that is complemented by actionable steps necessary to turning it into reality.

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