The Samurai Code That Can Change Your Life

Shift your energy and level up in life using the samurai code of living known as Bushido

The samurai of ancient Japan lived by a code of conduct known as Bushido, or “the way of the
warrior.” To survive and thrive in a life defined by violence and upheaval, the samurai relied on
this set of attitudes, beliefs, and morals to keep them on the path of wisdom and serenity.

Although the samurai way of life is a thing of the past, the samurai code remains relevant and
accessible to you today. Those who want to succeed know that it takes the spirit of a warrior to
win those battles with the self to reach a new plane of success and prosperity.

So how can you tap into the power of this ancient samurai code? Here are the eight Bushido
and how to live by them today.


Practice rigorous honesty, with other people and yourself, and don’t just follow along with the
crowd. Have the courage to commit to your decisions, even if it means defying expectations.
This applies to personal endeavors, such as taking up a new spiritual practice, as well as
professional ones, like leaving the rat race to start your own business.

Heroic Courage

A life without courage can hardly be called a life. The samurai code implores you to go beyond
your limits, and that requires guts. Stop letting your fears hold you back from going after your
dream career, dream relationship, and dream lifestyle.


Just the way that coal under pressure produces diamonds, so are warriors shaped into
compassionate and benevolent beings through hard circumstances. Let your difficulties and
disappointments mold you into a person who helps out others when the chance presents itself.
And if it doesn’t present itself, go look for it.


Cruelty has no place in the samurai code. A warrior distinguishes themselves through how they
treat others, especially when times are tough. Make the effort to lead with respect and watch
how prosperity follows from that.


Be clear and transparent. Make it so your words and actions are one and the same. Leaders are people that gain the trust of others, so start setting the example now by honoring your commitments and living up to what you say.


Lots of people will have a lot to say about you, especially once you start rising in the world. Do you have the strength of character to pass your own tests? If so, then no one else’s opinion matters. Live honorably and your rewards will come.

Duty and Loyalty

Samurai know the value of having people they can rely on. Assemble your inner circle and protect your bond with them by demonstrating your loyalty through what you say and do.


Emotions can tempt us to act out, but a warrior will be able to resist this temptation. Think before you speak or act rashly, and let your discipline be your saving grace. Many personal and professional relationships have fallen apart because of words uttered and decisions made in anger. Cultivate your self-control so that you don’t let good opportunities getaway.

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