The Story Behind the Meditation Audios and What Sheevaun Calls Meditative Journey’s

When I started teaching meditation, seems like the dark ages now given that most people now at least try to meditate or think a lot about trying to meditate or even have meditated and then given up.

Each of the audios that I recorded was because a group in a course I was teaching helped me create the journey they wanted to experience or have. Each of these audios is a journey in and of itself. It’s as if you get to clean up the energy of the mind and the energy around the body while you’re meditating AND what will occur is that you will have a new fresh and more aligned perspective. When they were in CD form and laid out on a table I would say choose the image that resonates with you and that is the one that your mind, body and soul craves. Try that when you’re perusing below.

Choose Your Adventure Journey 

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When I started meditating, I didn’t know that I was going to help a lot of folks really get inner peace and quiet and joy and abundance healing through meditative journeys that I would create. I actually just thought I was creating these really so I could be quieter in my head. The fact of it is that I taught one person, one of my clients, and she said, “I’m abandoning my meditative teaching practices at this college. And I’m actually nominating you to teach this.” And so I ended up teaching at colleges throughout Southern California and in one college in Arizona and I taught meditation to corporations. I taught it to Boeing and Hyundai and oh gosh, all kinds of corporations all over Southern California, long before it was cool, long before it was anything that was really accepted. And when I would teach meditation, I would create from the student base that was in front of me, I would create a journey and we would do these things and I would teach them how to meditate based upon these journeys.

And suddenly what started to occur is they would say, I want to take these home. And so what we did is we ended up going into a studio. I ended up going into a studio, reluctantly, everybody in my team was just rooting for this and they encouraged it and they insisted upon it. And then the over 20 meditation journeys that are in our store really got born. And each meditation is a journey with particular energy, particular frequency, energy, and frequency are different, a particular design for an end result. And also to ensure that the brain and the outer world conversation come along and come on board. And so I thought I’d share this little journey about how I created these meditations that have helped thousands and thousands of people over the world. And maybe one of these is meant for you. We deal with fear.

We deal with resentment. We deal with forgiveness. We deal with finding your dream, looking at your soul, divine design, all kinds of really amazing things inside our store. And so check them out how I recommend you look at them and find which one is right for you. This has helped thousands of people choose their own meditative journey and what’s right for them, even though their mind says they want something else to look at the picture, look at the cover, and choose from that because your soul and energy have some sort of resonance that it can achieve from this choice process. It helped everyone when we had CDs. That’s how everyone chose the meditative journey that we had available. So I invite you to do that and embark on this journey for yourself to achieve better health, a better frame of mind release from the prison of thoughts, mental clutter, physical clutter, emotional clutter, weight, clutter, really being able to see your divinity and so many other wonderful things. So take a look and see what you can achieve through these journeys. They’re about 17 minutes long. That’s about all anybody’s mind can handle because of the combination of energy and thought and intention and, ideal outcomes. So I invite you to check it out at until next time have an awesome day.

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