Three Responses To Avoid Making In The Times Of Crisis

Often we spend a good deal of time trying to just “deal” with the fires that present themselves that we cannot find enough moments to breathe and reflect.

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Here are a few things to avoid so that you can have a better future beyond any crisis:

  1. Making Excuses – this is often the time that we start making excuses and backtracking. It’s fascinating that when tough times show up is when all our insecurities begin to show their heads. This is actually the time to double down on taking loving responsibility. Try forgiving yourself for not being perfect and having “it” all dealt with before you make stuff and and make excuses. 

2. Overreacting To Other Energy And Panic – this is a huge one and much easier to do now than ever with our social media connectivity. Take a breath, in fact, take five breaths and let’s really hit snooze on the moment until you have a more reasonable mind and clear thinking. Process is key, and throwing it out now is dangerous. The time of crisis is one of the best times to look at all the stuff that you’ve had in the back of your mind to shift, create a process around, or to learn to do. THIS is exactly when you have the time and mind space to achieve more process so that when we are on the other side of this your systems can grow. Think of this as the seedling in the ground that is planting roots (processes).

3. Focusing On The Problem And Worst Case Scenario – focus is one of the greatest assets you have in any crisis. What you focus on that is negative will create more scenarios for you to find that prove your point that things are negative. Look around for the positive. Be reasonable about the negative because, in fact, there is always a silver lining. Seek the opportunity and you will find the opportunity. 
Let’s take a moment to look at the sky, take a breath, think about answering this question…how good can things get. 

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