Turning and Tuning Into Your Ease

Turning and Tuning into Your Ease | Driving For Your Success | Sheevaun Moran

In today’s conversation, I think is important to recognize to take advantage of and to really consider that there is a new way. What often happens is we have this, what I call “poopy head;” and “poopy head” is lots of thoughts and things flying in and out. Gotta do this and gotta handle that. This in the family, the boss, the job, the employees, and the clients. It really just bombards and it’s kind of like a very loud, and I’m not going to say symphony, but a very loud musical thing that is going all over the place, and it really is not melodic. It’s not a beautiful sound.

Basically you’re kind of cringing trying to figure out how to deal with all of this stuff. The really fascinating thing is when you’re cringing, you’re actually shrinking and shrinking and shrinking. Your energy is shrinking and shrinking your mind and your thinking is shrinking. So to take a breath and to really expand outward is absolutely essential. We tend to be in this hunkered down position, particularly whenever it starts to become cooler out or super hot and we’re trying to stay indoors. It’s kind of like Goldilocks looking for just right, but life isn’t like that. We don’t do get just right. We get what is shown up and where we’re at in our environment.

The fascinating thing is we need to be more expansive and we need to really consider a new idea. That new idea would be ease is going to bring us more fulfillment. It’s going to bring us more. Prosperity is going to bring us more clients. It’s going to bring us less stress. Stress and that chaotic “poopy head” energy is actually pushing everything away further and further. The harder you look to do something, the more you try to understand something, the less you’re going to have it really arrive and show up in your brain and your space and your environment, et cetera.

First, start with breathing. We have a beautiful audio that is in our store called “The Power of Breath” and it really takes you into fulfilling, nourishing breathing. Then I have the book “Learn To Meditate In Two Minutes” for the lazy, crazy and time deficient, in case you didn’t know that! We’ve got a bunch of other audios that you can choose from. I always say how you choose them is, look at the image and find out which one you’re drawn to and then you’re exactly drawn to that one.

Take this little note, take this idea and concept, and turn it around into what do you have that is stressing you out, that has you in “poopy head” that needs to be turned on its head, turned on a dime, turned around into a whole other circumstance. Where is that “poopy head” totally stopping you? Generally it’s sleep, it’s clients, it’s money and it’s health. Those are pretty significant things. The easiest thing to start is through breathing.

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