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Ways To Meditate When You Barely Have Time to Think

Meditation can be performed nearly anywhere.

Are you a person who would love to meditate, but laughs at the idea because you barely have any time to think? If so, here are some ways that you can incorporate meditation into your busy lifestyle. Remember, meditation does not have to mean spending hours in a quiet room on a yoga mat; you can meditate and be mindful nearly anywhere.

Meditate While Prepping Food or Eating

During your breakfast or lunch break, skip the desire to grab a granola bar and rush back to work. Instead, get some food, sit down, and eat it mindfully. This means chewing slowly, waiting between bites, and paying attention to how the food tastes, its texture, and how it makes you feel. When you breathe and allow your focus to be on chewing your mind will chill and allow more contemplation. While this isn’t exactly meditation it will help you get calmer.

Meditate While Walking

Here’s a challenge: rather than spending that extra 10 minutes you have between meetings on social media or marketing, or getting the kids to school or even up or down the stairs, head outside for a quick walk. Take 10 minutes while walking to breathe deeply, focusing on the feeling of air entering and leaving your lungs. How do you feel?

Meditate Before Bed?

Another place to meditate is NOT in bed, do this in a chair beside your bed (bed is for sleeping) either right before you fall asleep. If you’re going to meditate in the morning make sure to get up and sit in your chair or the floor in the same spot to create a consistent pattern of success. Close your eyes and take a series of deep breaths. Focus on relaxing your muscles. Envision the day you will have (tomorrow). Meditating before bed can aid with sleep and soothe stress. With waking and sleeping meditation will give you deep REM sleep and reset your brain from all that busyness.

AND if YOU’RE now truly ready to learn to meditate then you will definitely want to read, or even listen, to one of the most effective books on meditation ever written.

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