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Wellness IS a Business Strategy


It used to be that you got a job and the job had the security of time off for sick or mental days and yet when you have your own gig everything is different.

Healthcare used to be simple…buy a plan or pay into your company plan and maybe a co-pay and viola you felt secure about your health.

That was all an illusion and actually created sick care and not the forward focus of “well-th” care. Now we spend more on things that are organic but are they the things that our body and ultimately the business really need to thrive and move ahead???

What is “Well-th” Care

You may have guessed that it’s knowing your body enough to handle something before it becomes a big deal BUT and this is a big one. Generally we are not taught how to pay attention to our body as our wellness practice. We are taught to rely on a “Dr.” for all the answers.

Fact is that you live in your body 24/7 and you actually can learn to bring into focus some things you’ve tried to get a “Dr.” to solve.

I know this because I was misdiagnosed and nearly died from that and I knew…I fully knew inside… that what that “Dr.” was saying was not right for me. But I said, “hmm well they know best.”

When I learned the signs my body was giving and I learned how energy works to keep me healthier, my body doesn’t have those down and out days. Fact is, I’ve saved so much time and money by knowing how to help my body stay in the right “well-th” status that everyone who works with me gets this valuable information in their lives.

Business is Dependent on You

Your wellness and ongoing wellness is paramount to the day in and day out success of your income. It’s all up to you and you really do have much more ability than you give yourself credit for.

If your tooth aches, it may be as simple as some tiny particle that is stuck which needs deep rinsing for the teeth to feel good. If you have abdominal stuff, this is about what you decided to put in your mouth that is not agreeing. If you have the flu, you actually have been given warning signs 2 weeks before it shows up to take you out of commission and you didn’t take care of it then.

All of these are signs that your business is ALSO telling you.

The more healthy your body, the healthier your business. The healthier the business, the more you can bring on the right folks to help you get to the next level.

Where to Start

Your health is wealth. It’s your strategy for success.

This is a loaded topic and yet two incredibly simple pieces apply to every single person. Drink more “good” water throughout the day and breathe more regularly and deeply.

They are the basics that everyone, even trained yogis and meditators, leave out during the day.

Another place to start include this audio that I created for a client who kept telling me that she needed something between our strategy and coaching calls to stay as vibrant and healthy as possible. One more powerful way to start is reflect on the words you are believing around your health. Do you say lazy words such as “I’m so tired, I don’t have energy, I’m not strong, It’s exhausting to… etc.?” If you say these things, you are certainly creating the self-fulfilling prophecy. One other item that will help you feel much more fantastic are pre and probiotics. Studies have shown that pre/probiotics used on a daily or twice daily basis actually eliminate depression and low energy issues.

Your health is your wealth is your longest term strategy for success.

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