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What’s Stopping Your from Fulfilling Your Purpose?

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What is your purpose in life? Are you fulfilling it?

Everyone has a life purpose, even if you’re not sure what yours is yet. In fact, living life with purpose and feeling as one has a purpose are essential to happiness and overall well-being; having a purpose is even associated with enhanced longevity. So if you feel like you’re just “wandering” right now, or that you aren’t meeting your goals or fulfilling your purpose, the question is: what’s stopping you?

Comfort, Routine & Distractions

The hard truth of the matter is that you are the your biggest barrier to fulfilling your purpose. That’s right – no one else is responsible for ensuring that you fulfill your purpose or meet your goals; that’s on you. You may be failing to fulfill your purpose based on:

  • Indulgence in comfort – if you are comfortable in your life, doing something different can be intimidating.
  • Routine – routine can be stabilizing, but limiting, too. Is your routine holding you back?
  • Distractions – what things in your life are distracting you from fulfilling your purpose? Work? A separate project? A partner or friend? What are you spending energy on that could be spent on something more integral to your well-being?

Start thinking about your purpose in life, and then form a strategy. Waiting for life to happen to you is silly; you need to actively seek what you want.

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