How Subtle Energy Impacts Business Success: Clearing the Chaos Factor

Why Is Your Business A Reflection Of You?

A business is a reflection of the individual who owns it or is managing it. An internet business is no exception to this and I’m about to tell you why. 

Not only is a business a reflection of the individual, but it is a reflection of the energy of that individual. An individual and a business are uniquely and energetically tied to each other and success is multi-causal. It can often seem that there is no order as to who is successful. You may notice that a particular business will become successful for no apparent reason. I wish to help you explore opportunities where you can improve your business, increase your sales, and just become more successful overall.

Everyone “says” they want success and yet it seems to be elusive to most. Business owners in particular go into business to have freedom and success, not to go out of business. Statistics show that most businesses fail in the first two years. Success is defined individually, but in Webster’s it is defined as “Someone who has a record of achievement in gaining wealth, or fame, or power”. And because each of us maintains a different definition of what success is, we need to ensure that we as the individual truly know what success means to us. Just because someone else knows what success is and you want what they have does not mean that you have your own definition of success. Strangely, most define their ideal of success through the eyes of others (ie: parents, teachers, mentors, etc.). Let me tell you that unless the definition of success you are operating your life and/or your business by is yours and yours alone, it is more difficult (not impossible) to achieve that success.

Working with people who want to improve their lives and achieve success has been revealing that 80% of the time there’s not a clear definition of the end result. Each case is different and each obstacle to success is different.  Many people initially define success as more money. When I get the answer to the question that money is success, I always ask how much money is “success”.  The answer usually is “enough to get by on with some leftovers”. I ask how much is “enough”. The answer is “more than I have right now”. I again have to ask how much will it take for you to have, to be successful. This dance of questions and answers usually happens for a while. Finally, we get to the real answer of the client’s definition of success and the real amount of money it would take for success. What usually happens is that money is not their real definition of success. The top answer is usually freedom. 

As you can imagine the obstacles to a successful “anything” usually begin with the fuzzy image of the goal. By fuzzy image, I mean that a goal is not defined enough in order to really achieve success quickly or even at all. Also, the image can change daily. Changing the image daily is the biggest challenge. The reason for this is that once the manifesting begins towards one image, or idea, and then moves along to a new one there’s never any real place for the energy to concretize one completely. Successful people hold that final image without wavering. No matter what it takes that image is held. To be truly successful you must know your individual idea and what ideas you have gotten from family, friends, teachers, etc.

A business is just a form of expression and energy of the owner. If there is worry or fear or chaotic thinking in the owner, then everyone around them has and feels chaotic. If the image of the next steps is clear and easy to express and envision then everyone looks ahead at that and makes that happen. 

When you own a business or are about to start a business you will need to know (learn) about the energy of the business. Healing of your business needs to occur in the business owner around your preconceived notions about success and business. The type of healing I’m speaking about is where any obstacles that have been placed on you by bosses, parents, grandparents, etc. keep you locked into something less than what you are capable of achieving. Those obstacles could be as simple as a phrase told to you when you were young such as “you never finish anything”. 

In the past 50 years, people would go to a therapist in order to get these issues released but not usually specific to business success. This type of work therapist work could take a long time and usually, the therapist is the one that opens the door to see the obstacle but does not usually release the obstacle. 

Today there are coaches that can help with this aspect and can help one see and overcome some obstacles. Coaches are effective but also take a while and the issue may not be released but placed with an overlay. Above all the quickest method is CLEANSING the business of the old stale, stuck, and negativity is a skilled mentor/practitioner who has experience with business and growing a business. This ideal person knows how to get to the core issue fast so that success can come quickly.

There is actually a methodology in this type of practice that will help release these deeply hidden issues that have become obstacles. That type of healing is not common in the business community but it is often utilized. Some of the greatest successes in the business community have used this to gain advancement, those include Chiobani, and Wild Oats which became Whole Foods, Intel even used some of this methodology, and many others.

The techniques involve removing the root obstaclizing issue that resides in the business overall. This always begins with the person at the top so that the business owner/person can lean in, move fast, take action, and move forward with energetic principles that will resolve the issue in record time.

I invite you to challenge yourself to a business review from the Energetic perspective as this is often where the least likely culprits reside and when removed or released help you soar to more ease and profits.  

You will find out just through the use of energy how aspects of your business can flow more smoothly, how to resolve employee stresses, how to increase profit, how to gain more freedom to do what you like, and much more. “You gain the edge when you manage energy or you get sucked into the chaos of the time, moment, and vortex of peril. The path of success is not always the most obvious and now is your time … more than ever. 

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