Why Tenacity is Important for Success

Tenacity is Important

How to shift your energy to achieve better results

What’s the #1 personality trait that contributes to business success?

Creativity? Passion? How about persuasiveness?

No. Nope. Nuh-uh.

Those incredible traits all play a crucial role. But I think the actual answer’s tenacity.

Tenacity is more important for success on so many levels! That special combination of persistence and determination comes into play everywhere, from overcoming obstacles to pursuing growth at all costs.

And, let’s face it, after 2 years of constant stress, pressure, and uncertainty due to COVID, we could all do with a little more of it in our lives.

More than all this tenacity helps you overcome the energetic, mental, financial, and mindset blocks that often accompany your own business. It helps you hone your skillset or as some say ‘get your 10,000 hours in’. 

Have you been wondering how to shift your energy from negative to positive and become a more tenacious business leader?

Keep reading on where to start.


There are no two ways about it: running a business is tough. Regardless of the industry, you’re in, it’s hyper-competitive; every day’s ridden with potential problems.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed sometimes. But you know what never helps?

Stressing out too much and entering a fruitless fight against the proverbial tide! In your bid to shift your energy, strive to accept matters as they are.

You’re not throwing up your hands in surrender or putting your head in the sand. You’re simply accepting whatever’s happened, being objective about it, and moving forward.


Jocko Willink, the retired US Navy Seal commander and expert on matters of leadership, has a unique approach to adversity.

Whenever it rears its ugly head, he simply says, “good”.

Your best salesperson quits? Good, time to inspire the rest of the team. Your latest product isn’t selling as expected? Good, now you can create a better one.

In other words, he reframes the issue.

Tenacious leaders don’t focus on the negative. They have a growth mindset. Having accepted the situation and reframed it into something positive, they’ll immediately start looking for both solutions and lessons.


Laying blame elsewhere is easy. It is often the adult response to many things that are difficult to face.

After all, it’s much nicer to think your problems have nothing to do with you! Unfortunately, aside from it being hopelessly negative and causing resentment in your team, it also means the solutions are outside your control too.

If you want to become a more positive, productive, and tenacious leader (and remember, tenacity is important for success), take the opposite approach:

Accept full responsibility for every single problem that occurs!

(The other day I was working with a client who had a significant blockade to making sales and actually growing her business. It was tied to an energetic mountain of pushing, not having urgency, and a series of significant traumas from the age of three that no one had been able to dislodge. After our work, she made her first sale without affecting or pushing or even her old habits of backing away from the opportunity. It was all because of taking responsibility.)

This way you’re the captain of your ship. You won’t waste time moaning or pointing fingers. You’ll say, “okay, this was my fault, now what can I do to remedy it?”


As you know, staying focused and determined amongst the pressures of business life is tough.

Thankfully, setting clear goals can make it easier.

Those SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-limited) goals will act like your North Star! They’ll remind you what you’re working toward, guiding you forward and helping you remain 100% committed to each task.

Keep those goals handy as well. Put them on the wall so you and everyone in your team can see them!

It’ll serve as a constant reminder of where you want to go. If you aren’t making the progress you wanted, then you can take stock and course correct from there.

Remember Why Tenacity is Important (and Start Harnessing it Today!)

From persevering in spite of terrible odds to staying upbeat when others seem demoralized, tenacity is important for success in a host of different ways.

Alas, given the immense disruption caused by COVID (and the usual challenges of running a business), people everywhere are struggling to maintain their usual levels of tenacity at a time when it’s never been more important!

With any luck, though, the insights in this article will help you turn the situation around. Keep them in mind, put them into practice, and it shouldn’t be long before you’ve shifted your energy and started achieving better results.

Check out the Prosperity section of the site for more insights on similar topics.

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