You Can Win | How To Be Your Best When Things Get You Down

Winners often share one common trait.

Belief in victory.

They believe they can, they should… and they deserve to win.

The unlucky tend to believe they don’t deserve victory.

A common question they ask is, “Why me?”

You are amazing, even when things aren’t going as planned.

In Freudian theory, most of us tend to want to be punished for some real or imagined mistake we have made in the past – often some fantasy from our childhood that induces guilt.

That may or may not be true.

What is true is that most of us tend to focus on our mistakes and beat ourselves up. We somehow convince ourselves that we are undeserving.

How do you then shift to a mindset that you deserve to win?

Here are 3 basic tricks to use when self-belief starts to run low:

1. SAY It Loud

Having a set of affirmations that makes you feel positive is a tried and tested technique of those who are constantly upbeat.

Remind yourself that you deserve to win (do this in private if you don’t want to attract undue attention).

You can come up with your own mantra. “I deserve…” is a simple start.

Use power poses to change internal state.

2. ACT It Out

Researcher, Amy Cuddy shows us in this popular video on power poses how adopting certain postures can instantly change your internal state.

Yes, you can fake it till you make it.

Changing your physiology is the easiest hack to affecting your confidence levels.

3. WRITE It Down

Reminding yourself that you have (big) goals to accomplish helps make the shift from uncertainty to resolution.

Use a pen and paper. The act of writing brings a firmer commitment and clarity to your mind.

Where are you at today? Is something from your past holding you back in your current adventures?

You can if you think you can.

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