Your Self-Limiting Beliefs Costing You

There limits that hold us back are self-imposed.

They may be self-imposed by an idea someone told us, a belief that is held firmly that something isn’t possible, an attitude based on what you have perceived, and so on.

A self-imposed limit looks a little like this story of a client:

She’s making more income than ever in her life because of our work together and yet she’s unwilling to get a car that she loves. She’s driving a car of a color that she doesn’t love and the overall of the vehicle seems to just annoy her. Now mind you her car is quite nice but a limit that she’s been living with is “I do not qualify for the new car that I want”.

Now that’s a limit and until we broke through that so she could see she was the one limiting herself there’s no way she would even test drive another vehicle.

Another story of a self-imposed limit is one that I lived with…That story goes a bit like this:

My physician told me it might be a good idea to do a fast for a few days. But my mind and body and emotions said absolutely no way would I ever be able to do that, let alone try to do that. You see, at that time I had a serious issue with hypoglycemia. I was certain it was impossible.

But because I have a rule that if something is suggested to help my health I had to be willing to try it.

So I decided to go for it. I tricked myself that the only way I could do this was to sit on my sofa all day and do as little activity as possible.

Thinking back on this makes me laugh because we are our own worst enemy. Our limits are based on false information that we have ingested and allow to run around in our brains.

When I work with someone I focus first on their prosperity, even if someone has a health situation they need solved. The reason I work from this perspective first is because it helps me help them play a new game with their limits. I get to teach them some powerful shifting tools and techniques to break the limits.

Hey, maybe you’re ready to break those limits of yours?

Maxwell Maltz: There are real limits and self-imposed limits. Self-imposed limits masquerade as real limits.

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